10 Worst States for Nursing Home Staffing

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Dec 29, 2008 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

Analysis of the Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Rating System has uncovered the ten worst states for nurse staffing.

The rating system gives nursing homes from 1 to 5 stars, overall and on 10 key quality measures such as performance in the latest three quarterly reports; percentage of residents with urinary tract infections; performance in the latest three annual health inspections; and adequacy of both overall staffing and staffing by registered nurses.

To get a five-star rating on staffing, homes had to provide at least four hours a day per patient of care by registered nurses and other nursing staff. 

The following 10 states have the highest percentages of nursing homes with the worst rating of 1 star for adequate staffing by registered nurses.

State                         #of nursing homes                       % of homes with 1 star

Louisiana                          269                                                      75.1
Georgia                             342                                                      66.1
Arkansas                           225                                                      54.7
Texas                             1,042                                                      47.2
Oklahoma                          295                                                     46.1
Tennessee                         293                                                     41.6
Missouri                            489                                                     41.1
Virginia                             263                                                     37.6
Indiana                              482                                                     32.6
Alabama                            218                                                     31.7

Although some nursing home execs say the ratings are not a true representation of their facility or may be skewed, the fact remains that the homes provide much of the information. "CMS is using their data," says Illinois ombudsman Sally Patrone. "If they're poorly rated, they need to improve."

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