94% of Nursing Homes Cited for Violations

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Oct 01, 2008 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

Lawyer Jeffrey PitmanThe Dept. of Health and Human Services released a study today that revealed more than 90% of nursing homes were cited for violations of federal health and safety standards last year.

The violations highlighted in the study include pressure sores, medication errors, poor nutrition and abuse and neglect.  Other common deficiencies were quality of care, resident assessment and quality of life.

Approximately 37,000 complaints about nursing home conditions were made last year with 14,430 of those being validated by state and federal authorities.  Of those 14,430 valid complaints, 2,886 involved abuse or neglect of patients.

When comparing nursing homes, for-profit homes ranked the worst with 94% of them being cited for deficiencies compared with 91% of government homes and 88% of nonprofit homes.  About two-thirds of all nursing homes in the U.S. are owned by for-profit companies.  The average number of deficiencies in Wisconsin has increased from 3.3 in 2005 to 4.7 in 2007.

Since 1998, the trend has been an increase in nursing homes with deficiencies.  Nursing home residents deserve better quality care.

-Attorney Jeffrey Pitman

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