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State Law Enforcement Agencies Targeting Aggressive Drivers for Speeding

Law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin have begun to increase efforts to combat aggressive driving by issuing more tickets for speeding. Speeding has become a consistent problem that law enforcement throughout the state have had to deal with in recent… Read More

Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a truck accident involving a commercial truck, you may suffer from more severe injuries and property damage than in an average car accident due to the truck’s size and weight. When selecting legal representation after a truck… Read More

Proposed Bills Would Increase Penalties for Repeat Drunk Driving Convictions

Wisconsin lawmakers have proposed three new bills that would cause significant changes to the state’s drunk driving laws. The proposed bills would increase the penalties for repeat vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) offenses in Wisconsin, which is the only… Read More

Speeding Incidents Increasing Among Wisconsin Drivers

Wisconsin law enforcement agencies issued more than 172,000 speeding tickets in 2015, highlighting an increasing speeding problem among the state’s drivers in recent years. In 2014, auto accidents caused by speeding resulted in 9,262 deaths in the U.S.,… Read More

Investigators Find Neglect in Nursing Home Death

A Minnesota nursing home has been charged with neglect after a resident died from injuries she sustained after falling onto a concrete sidewalk outside of the facility. Minnesota’s Office of Health Facilities Complaints (OHFC) concluded its investigation… Read More

Poor Hygiene in Nursing Homes is a Form of Abuse

When nursing homes do not practice proper sanitation, residents become vulnerable to bacteria and germs that can cause serious health complications and wreak havoc on their immune systems. This form of nursing home abuse can take place when residents… Read More

The Dangers of Black Ice

Wisconsin regularly experiences severe winter weather, which can create treacherous driving conditions. One common winter driving hazard that can easily cause an accident is black ice. Black ice occurs when water accumulates on a road’s surface and freezes… Read More

AAA Study Finds Not All Self-Braking Systems Are Created Equal

AAA tested two automatic braking systems: one designed to prevent crashes and another designed to reduce crash severity. While both systems are designed to apply the brakes after a driver fails to engage, AAA’s tests found that brake systems designed… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: Consumer Safety with Social Media

In this month’s issue of PKSD’s newsletter, we discuss the how the increasing use of electronic devices and social media can effect a user’s health and personal life. The ever increasing presence of electronic media has created multiple platforms for… Read More

AAA Study Reveals Higher Accident Risk for Sleep Deprived Drivers

Drivers who receive less than the recommended seven hours of sleep a night are more likely to cause a car accident due to drowsy driving, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The 2016 study was the first to quantify a relationship between… Read More

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