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Wisconsin Roads: Third Worst in the Nation

A new study by the Local Government of Wisconsin Institute has found that the conditions of Wisconsin’s roads are the third worst in the country. And the cost is far reaching, affecting everyday motorists, ... Read More

Wisconsin Drunk Driving Fatalities Declining

Drunk driving accidents are preventable incidents that injure and kill thousands across the country every year. Fortunately, according to Wisconsin transportation officials, alcohol-related fatalities throughout ... Read More

Resident-on-Resident Abuse: A Growing Problem

When you entrust the care of your loved one to a nursing home, the last thing that you expect is that they will be abused – by either the staff or another resident. According to a recent study, a growing problem ... Read More

GM Ignition Switch Compensation Fund Comes to a Close Amid Controversy

As the compensation fund set up by General Motors (GM) to compensate victims of its faulty ignition switch is set to conclude at the end of this month, all 4,342 claims it received have been processed. So far, ... Read More

Practice Safety First When Riding a Motorcycle

With less protection, motorcycle riders face more danger on the roadway than those who travel in automobiles. Unfortunately, too many drivers fail to operate safely when sharing the road with motorcycles. If ... Read More

“Bumper Tap” Carjackings on the Rise in Milwaukee

Milwaukee police are warning drivers about a new form of carjacking that is taking place on the south side of the city. Thieves in the area have used a new tactic called a “bumper tap” to steal cars ... Read More

Blood Thinner Deaths and Injuries in Nursing Homes

Many patients living in nursing home facilities are prescribed medications that require special care and attention to ensure that the drug is being properly administered and does not have any adverse effects. Unfortunately, ... Read More

Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Auto Accident Lawsuit

If you get hit by a vehicle through no fault of your own, you are faced with recovering from painful injuries and numerous legal hassles. It's easy to damage your case inadvertently in the days following an ... Read More

How to Reduce the Risk for Pressure Sores

Nursing home neglect comes in many shapes and sizes and is sometimes more apparent than others. For patients who are bedridden or who sit in a wheel chair for the majority of their day, the attention of nurses ... Read More

Dehydration Concerns for the Elderly During Summer

Summer generally brings a desire to be outside in the sunshine enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately, it can also bring an increased concern for dehydration for our elderly loved ones. If your loved one is residing ... Read More

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