Ammonia Leak at California Meat Plant Injures Dozens

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Aug 31, 2009 in Foodborne Illness

At least two dozen people were injured by an ammonia leak at a meat-processing plant in San Francisco, according to officials.

Fire officials say an anhydrous ammonia leak was reported early Friday at the Columbus Salame plant. Twenty-four people were treated for exposure to the chemical.

Exposure to anhydrous ammonia, a refrigerant, can cause burning of the eyes, nose, and throat after breathing even small amounts. With higher doses, coughing or choking may occur. Exposure to high levels of anhydrous ammonia can cause death from a swollen throat or from chemical burns to the lungs. Eye exposure to concentrated gas or liquid can cause serious corneal burns or blindness.

The leak has since been capped.

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