Wisconsin Drunken Driving Laws to be Examined

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Sep 02, 2009 in Drunken Driving Accidents

The state Assembly will begin to overhaul drunken driving laws in September in an effort to make Wisconsin roads safer.

A bill, sponsored by Rep. Tony Staskunas (D-West Allis), is scheduled to go before the house in mid-to late September and then to the Senate. The bill includes numerous drunken-driving deterrents including requiring ignition interlocks for repeat offenders and making fourth offenses felonies in many cases.

The plan would also:

  • Create a new treatment program;
  • Ensure that people convicted of multiple offenses face similar sentences;
  • Enhance penalties for drunken-driving offenses that cause injuries; and
  • Require drivers licenses to be suspended for longer periods for drunken drivers who serve jail sentences

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