Financially Exploiting the Elderly

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Mar 04, 2009 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

Financially exploiting the elderly doesn't take an elaborate scheme. Take Janice Lindahl, for example.  The 58-year-old Phoenix woman befriended a 91-year-old woman who lived across the street from her. When the elderly woman developed Alzheimers, Lindahl convinced the woman to giver her power of attorney.

Police say Lindahl stole $85,000 from the woman over a nine-month span. Lindahl went so far as to appoint her own mother and a friend as caretakers, neither of whom had any previous experience.

A hospice worker showed up and found the victim alone, dirty and thirsty. Lindahl even tried to stop the ambulance be saying she had power of attorney.

Fortunately, authorities apprehended Lindahl and charged her with multiple counts of fraud, theft and elder abuse.

State and federal law gives each nursing home resident the right to manage his or her own money or to choose someone they trust to do this for them. Make sure that they're giving their life's savings to someone they can trust. If a loved one has been the victim of financial exploitation, especially at the hands of a nursing home employee, they may have a case for nursing home abuse or elderly abuse.

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