PKS Expands Nursing Home Neglect Team

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Apr 05, 2008 in Firm News

The law firm of Pitman, Kalkhoff, Sicula & Dentice, S.C. is proud and excited to announce the hiring of attorney Gail L. Brown. Attorney Brown is a nurse attorney licensed Wisconsin attorney and registered nurse and will be on the firms Nursing Home Negligence Litigation Team.

As members of the states largest nursing home practice, Brown will advocate for nursing home residents and their families using a skill set perfectly suited to holding nursing homes accountable. Utilizing their extensive nursing experience, including detailed knowledge of medicine and the standards of care, they will investigate instances of neglect and abuse, review records, work with doctors and nurses and aggressively pursue the growing number of nursing home injuries and deaths in Wisconsin.

Gail... possesses a unique combination of nursing and legal experience, said Jeffrey Pitman, the lead attorney of the firms nursing home team. ...a fantastic resource for our clients and their families.

Prior to pursuing a legal career, Brown was a registered nurse at Milwaukee area hospitals, serving in critical and intensive care units, and taught at Milwaukee area nursing schools.

For the last decade, Pitman, Kalkhoff & Sicula has fought tirelessly to hold nursing homes accountable, improve the quality of care and to prevent neglect and abuse.

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