Road Rage in Wisconsin

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Jun 10, 2009 in Car Accidents

A recent survey conducted by AAA Wisconsin showed 80 percent of the respondents thought aggressive driving was a problem, and 60 percent admitted losing their temper while driving.

More than half of all fatal car crashes involve some type of aggressive driving behavior, such as speeding, running another driver off the road, tailgating or yelling obscenities at others, according to AAA.

If confronted by a road rager, AAA suggests giving the rager a lot of road space, avoid eye contact, drive to a safe place if possible to call police, and do not get out of your car.

For those of you who are road ragers, AAA suggests giving yourself plenty of time to get to your desired location, practice relaxation techniques, and if you still drive angry all the time, get some anger management training.

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