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Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Oct 23, 2008 in Truck Accidents

While researching one of our cases, I came across this web site: Road Safe America. This organization was created by Steve and Susan Owings after one of their sons was killed in a tragic auto accident involving a semi tractor-trailer. 

Heres a brief introduction from their web site:

Cullum Owings was killed in 2002 while trying to return to college following a visit home for Thanksgiving when his car, stopped in an interstate traffic jam, was crushed from behind by a speeding tractor trailer truck on cruise control. Since then, Road Safe America has been working to limit semi truck accidents by focusing on:
  • Educating truck drivers and the public about the risks associated with trucks and passenger vehicles sharing our nations highways, through printed materials and media campaigns.
  • Enforcing speed limit laws by supporting law enforcement safety initiatives that prevent trucking accidents.
  • Working with policymakers and elected officials to develop laws that will help prevent injury and loss of life on Americas roadways due to semi truck accidents.
  • Honoring the companies, trucking firms officials and others who help us achieve our mission.

If you recall, Wisconsin had a few noteworthy truck accidents already this year.   The Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare doctor who was killed when a tire fell off a trucks rear-axle and bounded over the median and into his windshield, the 81-year-old nursing home patient who was struck by a semi just outside Bluffwood Meadows nursing home near Sumpter, WI, and the motorist who was hit by a semi after exiting his broken down vehicle on I-94 in Racine county. 

Hopefully, well be able to avoid accidents like these in the future if we follow the lead of Steve and Susan Owings.

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