The Biggest Problem with Recalled Toys

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Nov 11, 2008 in Product Recalls

Whats the biggest with recalled toys?  The biggest problem with recalled toys has been getting the shops and consumers to return them.  According to toy manufacturer Mattel, only 6% of the recalled toys are returned.  If you were apply that math to the recent recall of 2.2 million Chinese-made toys contaminated with lead paint, that would mean only 132,000 toys were returned.

So what happens to the other 94%?  Unfortuantely, some remain in the childs toy chest because their parents missed or ignored the recall.  Some make it to internet auction sites like eBay or business-to-business sites before inevitably landing back in the hands of consumers.

There is no federal law or regulation against reselling recalled toys.  However, eBay has agreed to keep recalled products off its auction web site.

The fact that these toys got out there for sale in the first place is the real shame. Regular exposure to lead or lead paint has been shown to lower IQs and  learning disabilities as well as behavioral problems.

If youre in possession of a recalled item, you can probably return it to the store where you purchased it or you can mail it back to the manufacturer.  Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( web site for details on how to return the product.

If youre in possession of a hazardous material, you can drop it off at your local municipal hazardous waste collection facility.  Go to to find a hazardous waste facility near you.

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