Txt Msgs 4bidden in Ktown

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Nov 18, 2008 in Car Accidents

The Kenosha City Council passed an ordinance yesterday that prohibits drivers from reading, writing or texting while driving. The ordinance carries a $150 fine, but may escalate to $500 if the violation leads to an accident.

The ordinance hopes to raise public awareness, especially among young drivers, of the danger involved.

A state statute already addresses text messaging under inattentive driving.  The violation includes a $96.40 fine and four points off your driving record.  According to the city attorney, violators may be subject to both fines.  City officials and law enforcement are currently discussing how police will approach enforcement.

A 2003 study performed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation State Patrol Division examined cell phone use in motor vehicle crashes.  The following is a portion of the study's conclusion:

While the Department of Transportation and Wisconsin State Patrol survey did
not provide a definitive conclusion on the relationship of cell phone use to motor
vehicle crashes, it did provide a first step in a review of the issue. The lack of
striking data that points unquestionably at cell phone use as the cause of crashes
leads us to believe that there are many more variables that must be discussed
before any decisions are made on how best to either limit motorist cell phone use
or enhance safety for cell phone users. The data indicates that cell phone use is
indeed a contributing factor to motor vehicle crashes, as are other reasons for
"inattentive"? or "distracted"? driving, and that, in itself, is an important finding.

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