West Allis Robbers Target Elderly

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Jun 16, 2009 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

West Allis police are asking residents for help in apprehending as many as four suspects involved in home invasion robbery schemes targeting the elderly.

According to police, the scam involves a heavyset, Hispanic woman, about 5 feet 3 inches tall who uses vague reasons to be let inside the victims homes. Once inside, the woman distracts the residents while a man enters the home and takes anything he can get his hands on.

There have been reports of at least five similar incidents, mostly targeting elderly people on the east-side of West Allis.

If someone asks to be let inside, police are instructing residents to stay calm, be polite but do not let anyone in. If possible, residents should try to get a license plate number, vehicle description or any other kind of information they can. When the suspects are out of earshot, residents should call 911 immediately.

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