Wisconsin Cipro Attorney

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Nov 09, 2009 in Dangerous Drugs

Cipro is an antibiotic drug that used to treat infections. Cipro is manufactured by Bayer. Problems began to arise regarding Cipro. Reports began to surface regarding the tendency for those who have used Cipro to develop painful conditions like tendonitis and even more serious cases of tendon ruptures. Clearly, a ruptured tendon is not only extremely painful, but also requires serious and invasive surgery.

According to the FDA, 23% of tendon ruptures were caused by Cipro.

The tendon most frequently associated to the Cipro induced ruptures is the Achilles tendon, however Cipro has also been linked to tendon ruptures in the rotator cuff (shoulder), the biceps, the hand, and the thumb.

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