Wisconsin’s Most Dangerous Intersection

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Oct 22, 2008 in Car Accidents

According to a State Farm Insurance study, the five most dangerous intersections in Wisconsin are all in Milwaukee suburbs.  The title of Most Dangerous Intersection in Wisconsin goes to Bluemound and Calhoun Roads in Brookfield with 120 crashes last year.  State officials say that traffic volume, not road design is responsible.

If thats the most dangerous place to drive, then when is the worst time to drive?  The most fatalities occur on Sunday mornings between 2am and 3am, better known as closing time for most bars in Wisconsin.  May, June and July are the deadliest months of the year to drive with July being the worst.

Even though your gut feeling may say most accidents occur at intersections, statistics show that the greatest number of collisions occur at non-intersection locations.  Almost three times as many fatalities occurred at non-intersections when compared to intersections.

Whats the moral of the story?  Be careful regardless of when and where you travel and dont drink and drive.

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