You Drink and Drive. You Lose…in Wisconsin?

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on Jan 05, 2009 in Drunken Driving Accidents

Gov. Jim Doyle has said that he would support a requirement to install ignition interlocks for repeat drunken drivers and first-time offenders with blood-alcohol levels twice the legal limit if the Legislature approved it in the two-year session that begins Monday.

The Governor also supports criminalizing first-offense drunken driving, making third offenses felonies and allowing police to conduct sobriety checkpoints.

I think technology in the long run is going to be a large part of the answer, said Gov. Doyle. The Governor went on to say that he expected technology would advance eventually so computer chips could be implanted in offenders that would prevent them from operating cars.

According to a JS Online article, Rep. Tony Staskunas (D-West Allis) plans to introduce a bill that would require ignition interlocks to be installed on the vehicles of repeat drunken drivers and first-time offenders with blood-alcohol levels of 0.16 twice the level considered evidence of intoxication or higher.

Doyle said he would sign that bill if Democrats who control the Senate and the Assembly present it to him.

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