Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

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Nursing Home Facility Red Flags You Do Not Want to Ignore

Selecting a nursing home or other long-term care facility for your family member is not easy. How can you be sure a facility is safe and will provide the level of care your loved one needs? There are no guarantees, but there are warning signs facilities… Read More

The Devastating Impact of COVID-19 on Medicare Beneficiaries

It is no secret that COVID-19 took a devastating toll on nursing homes across the country. That said, until now, there has not been enough data to tell the bigger story of its impact on those most affected – the residents – especially during the earlier… Read More

How Wisconsin Nursing Homes Violated COVID-19 Safety Rules

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the deaths of more than 131,000 nursing home residents nationwide – approximately one-fourth of all U.S. deaths due to COVID-19. Many resident watchdog groups across the country are firmly in agreement that there… Read More

Wisconsin DHS Reclassifies 1,000 COVID-19 deaths

During the last two weeks, Wisconsin health officials have reclassified almost 1,000 COVID-19 deaths. These fatalities, previously recorded as occurring in an unknown housing setting, have now been correctly adjusted as deaths that occurred in long-term… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: Systemic Failure Leads to Record COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes

When the pandemic hit last year, many were concerned about the welfare of frail and elderly residents being cared for in U.S. nursing homes. However, few had any idea just how quickly and deadly the virus would devastate the already crumbling long-term… Read More

Is Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Providing Acceptable Care?

Nursing homes have historically struggled to meet or maintain acceptable standards for residents under their care. Understaffing, abusive caregivers, financial fraud, medication errors and more are all too common problems at many long-term care facilities. Does… Read More

Two-Week COVID-19 Vaccine Delay for Most Wisconsin Nursing Homes

Wisconsin state officials are hoping that the majority of nursing home residents will be vaccinated for COVID-19 by the end of January 2021. However, while many of the state's hospitals will begin receiving these vaccinations on Monday, there could be… Read More

Nursing Home Care Plans and Why They Matter to a Legal Claim

Nursing home care plans play a major role in helping to ensure the overall well-being of a resident. What can you do when a facility fails in this duty and that neglect causes a loved one to suffer an injury, medical illness or even death? Learn more… Read More

What Duty of Care Do Nursing Homes Owe Residents Amid the Ongoing Pandemic?

Many states across the country have granted immunity from civil lawsuits to nursing homes and their staff. However, that does not mean those entrusting their loved ones to one of these facilities should have to accept substandard care. PKSD talks about… Read More

Trapped Inside One Assisted Living Facility: We Don't Know Who is Dead or Alive

 The pandemic has notably caused tens of thousands of deaths in nursing homes across the country. In one assisted living facility in Bronxwood, New York, the death toll started shortly after COVID-19 outbreaks began to be reported in the U.S., around… Read More

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