Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

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Are Nursing Homes Misusing Hundreds of Millions of Funds Intended for Pandemic Relief?

Multiple nursing homes around the country received more than $300 million in pandemic funds to spend as they like. While many long-term care facilities impacted by COVID-19 have a valid need for funding, these recipients are for-profit facilities with… Read More

Are Medicaid Nursing Home Residents Being Wrongfully Evicted Amid the Pandemic?

Nursing home residents, many of whom suffer from one or more underlying medical conditions, have been the population most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. More than 40 percent of deaths due to COVID-19 have been nursing home residents and the staff… Read More

Arbitration Agreements Help Nursing Homes Put Profit First

The use of arbitration agreements in nursing home contracts may not be completely new, but not everyone is aware of how they help long-term facilities get off the hook for substandard care. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, an ambulance transported an 87-year-old… Read More

Nursing Home Aides Training Requirements Reduced Amid Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, nursing home residents continue to be the most vulnerable and susceptible to this virus. In spite of that reality, the Trump administration took measures to relax training requirements for individuals… Read More

Will COVID-19 Lead to Increased Substandard Care in Nursing Homes?

Many family members in Wisconsin and around the country may wonder if the COVID-19 lockdown of nursing homes will impact their ability to stay informed about a loved one's care. While outside visitors are unable to enter the facility, how will they know… Read More

Albuquerque Nursing Home Denies Cookout Led to COVID-19 Outbreak

Administrators at the Princeton Place nursing home in Albuquerque, New Mexico honored nursing staff and other caregivers at the facility with a company cookout for their efforts in keeping it coronavirus-free. However, just five days after photos of the… Read More

CMS Updated Nursing Home Visitation Guidelines

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) imposed visitation restrictions to nursing homes across the country beginning March 2020. These visitation bans have been ongoing to help curb the spread of COVID-19, causing stress for many family members… Read More

Study Reveals What Could Reduce COVID-19 Spread in Nursing Homes

Most people are aware by now that the novel coronavirus disproportionately affects the elderly, especially those with underlying medical conditions. To learn more about the impact of this virus within a nursing home environment, a research team at the… Read More

COVID-19 Lawsuits Against Wisconsin Nursing Homes

Nursing homes across the country continue to be devastated by COVID-19. As of the end of May 2020, more than 16,000 nursing home residents and health care professionals in the U.S. infected with this virus have died. Healthcare workers across the country… Read More

Can Resident COVID-19 Injuries Be Due To Nursing Home Negligence?

According to most current reports, the novel coronavirus has the best chance for containment when everyone follows the strict protocols recommended by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). These requirements are designed to protect everyone, not just… Read More

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