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No charges filed in Clement Manor death

No charges were filed in a death last February in a Clement Manor independent living apartment because it couldn’t be proved who had acknowledged an alarm from the apartment, an assistant district attorney says. Assistant District Attorney Denis Stingl provided information Wednesday that shed new light on the Feb. 15…

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Workers at Clement Manor ignored alarm, lawsuit says

Workers at the Clement Manor complex in Greenfield inexcusably and unconscionably ignored for four hours an emergency alarm set off in an apartment at the complex as the resident bled to death, according to a lawsuit filed this week. One nurses aide received a call about the alarm while she…

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Illinois AG Madigan inspects E. St. Louis nursing home, finds wanted man

A group led by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan walked into the Virgil Calvert Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for a surprise inspection this morning, one of series of such inspections she has been doing around the state to see of nursing homes are following a state law requiring special precautions for…

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Why Does Elder Abuse Go Unreported?

Many victims are reluctant to report abuse because they: Might feel ashamed or embarrassed, particularly if a family member is the abuser Are afraid the abuser will bet in trouble Are afraid the abuse will get worse Are unable to speak out due to dementia or other impairments May be…

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Part 2: Three Major Nursing Home Reforms Signed Into Law

Part 2 of 3 Elder Justice Act The number of older Americans is fast growing, and so is the problem of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.  The Elder Justice Act would provide federal resources to support State and community efforts on the front lines dedicated to fighting elder abuse with…

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Part 1: Three Major Nursing Home Reforms Signed Into Law

Part 1 of 3 With the signing of the health care reform bill, three paramount nursing home reforms became law. The Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement, the Elder Justice Act, and a national program of criminal background checks on long-term care workers all became laws with President Obamas signature last March….

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How Many Walker, Cane Mishaps Each Year?

Would you believe that 47,000 walker accidents happen each year? According to a federal government study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, more than 47,000 elderly Americans are treated for injuries from falls that involve walkers and canes each year. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and…

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Study Says Hip Fractures Follow Arm Breaks in Women

A study published in the March issue of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery found that elderly women who suffer a broken upper arm are five time more likely than normal to break a hip within a year after the arm fracture. Although researchers havent been able to discover…

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Cold Poses Dangers for Seniors

Frigid winter temperatures can pose serious health risks for young children, people with chronic illnesses and seniors. These at-risk individuals need to take steps to protect themselves from cold-related injuries and check to make sure their family, friends and neighbors are safe and warm during wintry weather periods. Frostbite and…

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Scam Targets Milwaukee’s Elderly

Milwaukee Police are warning the city’s elderly of an impostor scam making its way through the area. There have been 10 more cases in recent days on the city’s west side including Tuesday night. Police believe it is the work of criminal groups from Illinois who refer to themselves as…

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