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Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

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Cold Poses Dangers for Seniors

Frigid winter temperatures can pose serious health risks for young children, people with chronic illnesses and seniors. These at-risk individuals need to take steps to protect themselves from cold-related injuries and check to make sure their family, friends and neighbors are safe and warm during wintry weather periods. Frostbite and…

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Scam Targets Milwaukee’s Elderly

Milwaukee Police are warning the city’s elderly of an impostor scam making its way through the area. There have been 10 more cases in recent days on the city’s west side including Tuesday night. Police believe it is the work of criminal groups from Illinois who refer to themselves as…

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Kohl Proposes Extra Elder Abuse Provisions

On December 8, Senator Kohl filed an amendment to the Senate health care reform bill (H.R. 3590) which would add the Elder Abuse Victims Act and the National Silver Alert Act to the bill. The Elder Abuse Victims Act protects seniors from elder abuse by establishing specialized elder abuse prosecution…

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Uneven Level of Quality in Nursing Homes

A statistical analysis by The Scripps Howard News Service of the federal governments ratings of nearly 16,000 nursing homes reveals an uneven level of quality across the nation and shows how complicated it is to find a good nursing home. The analysis shows that: Institutions run by for-profit corporations generally…

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Veterans’ Nursing Homes Under Investigation

An article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Madison Lawmakers have ordered their auditors to investigate the management of Wisconsin’s two nursing homes for veterans. Lawmakers have ordered their auditors to investigate the management of Wisconsin’s two nursing homes for veterans. The Joint Committee on Audit on Wednesday directed the Legislative Audit…

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Indiana Nursing Home Program Cuts Bedsores by 30%

Indiana health officials say a program reduced bed sores at more than 160 nursing homes, hospitals and home health agencies across Indiana over the past year. The program, led by the University of Indianapoliss Center for Aging and Community, focused on such steps as daily skin checks, keeping patients well…

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Nursing Home Payday Lending

Nursing homes should not be in the business of making high-interest loans to their workers. But in Missouri, more than 90 of them are.They routinely charge annual interest rates exceeding 300 percent. In one case, workers are charged a jaw-dropping 912.5 percent. That is absurdly high, but not as high…

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Binding Arbitration in Nursing Homes

by Jack Zemlicka for the Wisconsin Law Journal August 24, 2009 Attorneys Look to Get Clients Out of a Bind Binding arbitration clauses are nothing new, popping up in everything from cell phone agreements to credit card contracts. But they are becoming increasingly more common in Wisconsin, especially in the…

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New Form of Elder Fraud

Take a moment to read the following article that highlights an emerging form of elder abuse. The article was written by Joan Aragone for the San Mateo County Times. _____ Imagine yourself leaving a rehab or long-term care facility to recuperate at home. Once there, the driver helps you inside, and that…

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Son Charged with Manslaughter After Neglecting Mother

The Seattle Times (WA) ran a story involving a 41-year-old man who neglected his mother and was charged with first-degree manslaughter after her death. Christopher Wise called the police after his 88-year-old mother, Ruby, had passed away. Upon finding the body, authorities said Rubys body was extremely emaciated and that…

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