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Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

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Assisted Living Concepts Evicts Medicaid Residents

The Menomonee Falls based Assisted Living Concepts is evicting residents of their assisted-living facilities when they become eligible for Medicaid. Since becoming publicly held, Assisted Living Concepts has worked to convert all of its centers to so-called private-pay residents, who pay higher rates than Medicaid pays. Assisted Living Concepts, previously…

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Oklahoma Nursing Home Loses Funding Due to Violations

More than two dozen nursing home residents are being forced to move out of an Oklahoma nursing home after the long-term care facility lost Medicare and Medicaid funding. The Health Department has pulled the certification of Care Living Center because of deficiencies found by state health inspectors. The deficiencies centered…

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Inner-Ear Imbalance Often Causes Falls Among Elderly

Researchers at Johns Hopkins may have unlocked potentially lifesaving clues to solving one of the most dangerous traumas facing the elderly and it may have to do with inner-ear imbalance, or vestibular dysfunction. Until now, doctors and researchers have blamed elderly falls on bone weakness, vision impairment and gait problems….

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Elder Financial Abuse Costs $2.6 Billion Annually

A recent report published by MetLife Mature Market Institute reveals that elder financial abuse costs older Americans more than $2.6 billion per year and is often committed by family members and caregivers. The report points out that up to one million older Americans are targeted each year, totaling tens of…

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Daughters of Elderly Woman Charged with Neglect

The daughters of a Geneva woman are being charged with criminal abuse or neglect of an elderly person after their mother passed away in April of 2007. Witnesses say Marry Barry, 84, was found in her bed covered in bed sores, urine, feces and ants. Prosecutors believe malnourishment, dehydration and…

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Feingold to Introduce Arbitration Act

A recent poll conducted by Lake Research Partners shows Americans widely oppose corporations using mandatory binding arbitration clauses in the fine print of contracts. Cell phone, credit card, employment and nursing home contracts all contain forced arbitration clauses. In binding mandatory arbitration, a company requires a consumer to agree to…

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Minnesota Man Steals from 83-year-old Mother

Larry J. Bekis, 51, pleaded guilty to one count of theft by swindle in Ramsey County District Court. According to the criminal complaint, Bekis swindled his mother out of more than $100,000 and left a nursing home bill of more than $49,000 unpaid. The charges said Bekis was give power…

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Assisted Living Residents Evicted From Housing

A recent investigation found that a number of residents of assisted living facilities run by Assisted Living Concepts had been forced out of facilities when their money ran out, even though they had been given oral promises that they would be able to use Medicaid funds. The article highlighting the investigation…

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Bill Would Eliminate Federal Nursing Home Bonus Payments

Source:  Des Moines Register (3 April 2009) Congress is considering legislation that would eliminate taxpayer-funded bonuses to nursing homes. The legislation is an amendment to the budget bill that has been debated by Congress. The amendment was accepted by unanimous consent of the Senate on Thursday, but the bill itself…

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Wisconsin Asked to Take Part in Medicare Pay Incentive Test

Medicare will launch a demonstration to determine if cash incentives will improve the quality of care in nursing homes. Nursing homes in Arizona, Mississippi, New York and Wisconsin will be asked to take part. Facilities joining the Nursing Home Value-Based Purchasing demonstration will be awarded points for performance on quality…

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