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Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

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New Quality Care Measures for Nursing Home Compare Website

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (MDS) has announced they will be incorporating six new nursing home quality measures beginning in July in an effort to better assess nursing home resident care. The agency believes the measure will benefit consumers by providing important for families choosing a nursing home…

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Seniors More Likely to Fall When Vitamin D Doses Are High

While previously thought to improve mobility, a new study shows that high monthly doses of Vitamin D can increase fall risk in seniors. Various studies have indicated that increasing Vitamin D dosages in seniors could improve the function of lower extremities and work to prevent muscle weakness, ultimately helping prevent…

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Visiting Loved Ones in Nursing Homes During the Holidays

As you visit elderly loved ones living in nursing homes this holiday season, plan ahead to make your visit more rewarding and enjoyable. Here are some things to consider before you visit a nursing home. Find out the facility’s visiting hours so you can schedule plenty of time for your…

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Dealing with Violent Behavior From Elderly Loved Ones

In the elderly, behaviors can be altered as a result of illness and aging. Violent behaviors can be not only dangerous, but difficult for caregivers to deal with, especially when the caregiver is a family member. The process of aging can arouse anger and aggression in elderly patients. Violent behavior…

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The High Cost of Nursing Home Medication Errors

Medication errors are surprisingly common in nursing homes, and many of them occur repeatedly and go unnoticed and unreported. When a patient does not receive the appropriate medication, is given the wrong medication or is given the wrong dosage of a medication, serious injuries can result. In nursing home facilities,…

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Elder Financial Abuse

Though data is scarce on elder financial abuse, a conservative estimate from the 2010 Investor Protection Trust Elder Fraud Survey states that approximately 20 percent of Americans over 65 have been victims of financial fraud. Often, family members are the perpetrators of abuse. Others like paid caregivers, scam artists and Internet…

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New York Times Investigation Reveals the Bias in Arbitration

A New York Times investigation revealed that through the increasing use of arbitration clauses by companies across the country, millions of people have been forced to sign away their right to sue a company in court. In the study, the Times analyzed the records of more than 25,000 arbitrators between…

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Priceless Advice from the Elderly

Our elders have gathered a lifetime of experiences to pass on to future generations. Their advice can teach us all some very important lessons for living, as long as we are willing to listen. Dr. Karl Pillemer, a professor of gerontology and human development at Cornell University, has undertaken the…

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Myths Surrounding Elderly Falls

As an adult child of an elderly parent, you may believe that falls are typical of seniors and there is not much you can do to prevent them. There are steps you can take to ensure your loved one is at less risk for falling like checking their vision, making…

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Falls Prevention Awareness Day

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) uses the first day of fall, September 23, as an opportunity to raise awareness regarding elderly falls, with the goal of increasing prevention. While falls beginning is inevitable, many elderly falls are preventable. The stats on senior falls are staggering: Of U.S. seniors over…

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