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Do Car Safety Systems Cause More Distracted Driving?

Newer cars today include more high-tech systems, such as lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control assistance. However, do these systems always work as intended? Could car safety systems cause more distracted driving and maybe even increase the risk of… Read More

Fake Diagnoses Hiding Increased Nursing Home Abuse of Antipsychotic Drugs

Long-term care facilities have long been criticized for the overuse of antipsychotic drugs on residents in their care. Not only do these drugs pose an extreme health risk for the elderly, but they are also widely abused in nursing homes as a way to manage… Read More

Why COVID-19 Cases and Deaths Were Significantly Underreported

Early in the pandemic, it was clear that the highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths occurred in long-term care facilities around the country. The statistics, as shared by the federal National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), are grim enough, however,… Read More

Can I Seek Compensation After a Single-Car Crash?

When two or more vehicles are involved in a crash, the at-fault party’s insurer is typically responsible for the damages. If you get hurt in a single-car crash, however, you may wonder if or how you can recover compensation. What legal options do injured… Read More

Do Wisconsin Personal Injury Claims Include Future Medical Expenses?

People who get injured in an accident may often face a long recovery and a lot of medical care. Those with more severe injuries may also need additional surgery, physical therapy, and other care for months or even years into the future.  When seeking… Read More

PKSD Attorney Jeff Pitman Recovers $4.6 Million Settlement in Pressure Sore Case

PKSD is pleased to announce a $4.6 million settlement recovered in a pressure sore case. The settlement was negotiated by Attorney Jeff Pitman. Pressure sores can develop in many places on the body, but most commonly occur on the backs of a patient’s… Read More

What Can You Do if You Are Unhappy With Your Injury Attorney

Accident victims trust personal injury attorneys to protect their interests and seek the compensation they need. However, what happens if you are unhappy with your attorney and think he or she has hurt your case? If you have been injured by another’s… Read More

How Will Nursing Homes Handle Resident Care as the Delta Variant Spreads?

The Delta Variant has seen a rapidly growing rate of new COVID-19 cases in nursing homes – the most since February 2020. After 16 months of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, what have long-term care facilities and caregivers learned? How will they… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: What the Pandemic Has Revealed About Failures in Workplace Safety

America, now 16 months into the pandemic, has topped 600,000 deaths due to the novel coronavirus. The ongoing stress of dealing with this infectious and deadly virus has created a mental health nightmare across the country. The journey has been especially… Read More

What if My Car Crash Was Caused by a Malfunctioning Traffic Light?

Drivers rely heavily on traffic lights, especially at busy intersections that would be otherwise dangerous to drive through. When traffic lights malfunction or completely blackout, it often causes confusion. Many motorists may be unsure who has the right… Read More

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