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Research Tries to Prevent Elderly Falls

A University of Illinois-Chicago study found that repeatedly exposing people to situations where the footing is unstable helped train them to maintain their balance on slippery floors and avoid falls. The research improves understanding of how the brain… Read More

Settlement Reached in NFL Players' Death

The widow of Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer reached a settlement with the NFL over her husbands heatstroke death during the 2001 Vikings training camp in Mankato, MN. PKSD is a Wisconsin personal injury law firm handling cases through… Read More

Pitman and Sicula Named Top 100 Wisconsin Trial Lawyers

MILWAUKEE, WIS. Jeffrey A. Pitman and Howard S. Sicula, both partners of the Wisconsin law firm of Pitman, Kalkhoff, Sicula & Dentice, S.C., were named to the list of the top 100 trial lawyers in Wisconsin by the American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA). The… Read More

Elderly Car Crash Deaths Drop

A recent study performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that elderly drivers (70+) are safer than they were a decade ago. Heres what the study found: Between 1997 and 2006, fatalities fell 21% despite a 10% rise in the number… Read More

Technology May Help Baby Boomers

As the baby boomer generation grows older, technology companies are stepping up their efforts to help aging Americans spend more time living independently rather than in nursing homes. The International Consumer Electronics Show in Law Vegas featured… Read More

Defrauding the Elderly

Fraud and bunco schemes cost individuals thousands of dollars. A bunco scheme is a scam in which an unsuspecting person is cheated out of something, usually money. Often, the victim is not certain a crime has been committed, or is too embarrassed to take… Read More

Prevent Slip and Falls: Shovel Your Sidewalk

Both the Journal Sentinel(JS) and the Wisconsin State Journal(WSJ) published articles addressing the problems associated with snowy/icy roadways or sidewalks. The WSJ reported at least 177 emergency room visits for injuries such as bumps, bruises, and… Read More

PKS Attorney Elected Treasurer of Legal Group

The Wisconsin Association for Justice announced today its new slate of officers, elected by the organization's membership in a vote last Friday, December 5, 2008 at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. WAJ is Wisconsin's largest statewide voluntary bar association.… Read More

Pressure Sore Prevention

As we age, our skin becomes thin and dry and less elastic. This is one reason that the elderly are at-risk for pressure sores. Health experts say many pressure sores dont have to occur. In fact, caregivers say bedsores are easier to prevent than to treat.… Read More

Pressure Sores, Decubitus Ulcers, Bedsores, et al.

Bedsores, more accurately called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, are areas of damaged skin and tissue that develop when sustained pressure usually from a bed or wheelchair cuts off circulation to vulnerable parts of your body. Without adequate blood… Read More

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