Doctors, Nurses Disciplined by State Agency

Posted by PKSD Law Firm on April 5, 2009 in Medical Negligence

An article by David Wahlberg of the Wisconsin State Journal (04/09)

The Violations Involve A Range Of Penalties For Infractions Cited By The State Department of Regulation And Licensing

The state Department of Regulation and Licensing has disciplined several medical license holders in south-central Wisconsin in recent months.

According to the department, which announced the actions in recent weeks, the following violations and penalties took place:

  • David L. Hagen, 78, a chiropractor from Madison, surrendered his license and was fined $1,500 for failing to report action against him in Arizona related to alleged insurance fraud in California. Hagen said in an interview with the State Journal that his California license was reinstated in January and he might appeal the Wisconsin decision, though he is retired.
  • Hans Jerosch, 63, a chiropractor from Madison, cant renew his license, which expired in 2006, until he undergoes a neuropsychological exam, completes a class on patient record keeping and pays a $700 fine. He practiced after his license expired and failed to produce patient records upon request. He couldnt be reached for comment.
  • Bonny M. Kimball, 34, a pharmacist from Madison, had her license limited, after it was temporarily suspended, for diverting medications. She was also fined $200. She diverted hydrocodone, a pain reliever, and Provigil, used to treat excessive sleepiness, while working at Aurora Pharmacy in Janesville from December 2007 to June 2008. She couldnt be reached.
  • Dean L. Drake, 43, a nurse from Sun Prairie, had his license limited. He must take a continuing education class on respecting professional boundaries and pay a $850 fine. While working in the emergency room at Beaver Dam Community Hospital in 2004, he made inappropriate sexual comments to female patients ages 17 and 21. After leaving the hospital in 2005, Drake worked for Ryan Brothers Ambulance in Madison but was fired this month. He couldnt be reached.
  • Jenifer E. Espenscheid, 37, a chiropractor from Beaver Dam, was fined $700, had her license limited and has to take a continuing education class in record keeping. In 2004 and 2008, insurance company reviewers said her records were insufficient. She told the State Journal that the reviewers disapproved of her making spinal adjustments on a patient who had irregular X-rays but no back pain. Im a trail blazer, she said.
  • Kerrin L. Grimberg, 37, a nurse from Verona, had her license suspended and was fined $375 after she took tablets of hydrocodone, a pain reliever, from a medication box at St. Marys Care Center, a nursing home in Madison where she worked. She couldnt be reached.
  • Kelly E. Schleusener, 34, a nurse from Tomah, had her license suspended and was fined $650. As a contract employee in the emergency room at Monroe Clinic in 2007, she took Dilaudid, a pain reliever, for personal use. While working at St. Josephs Community Health Services in Hillsboro in 2008, she took fentanyl, a pain reliever, for personal use. She told the State Journal she is in treatment for drug addiction. Its a risky job, she said of nursing, with a lot of stress and a lot of access.
  • Theresa M. Hanko, 37, a nurse from Baraboo, had her license limited, was fined $700 and told to take a continuing education class in nursing assessment and intervention. While working in 2005 at the Lodi Good Samaritan Center, a nursing home, she failed to notify doctors as required when one patient fell and when another one had a rapid pulse. She told the State Journal that she is still working at the nursing home. I learned my lesson, she said.
  • Dr. Ravikant Maski, 67, from Platteville, had his license limited to ban him from performing several types of abdominal surgery, including hysterectomies, tubal ligations, hernia surgeries, bowel surgeries and removals of the gall bladder, spleen, appendix and ovaries. While working in 2005 at Southwest Health Center in Platteville, he requested consultation from another surgeon during a surgery. The other surgeon diagnosed the patient with Crohns disease, an inflammation of the intestinal wall. The hospital then limited Maskis staff privileges to prevent him from performing the same kind of surgeries the state later said he couldnt perform. Maski told the State Journal that he agreed to the changes.
  • George Heidrich III, 61, a nurse from Madison, had his license limited, was fined $420 and told to take continuing education classes on records and patient confidentiality. While working as a private duty nurse in 2006 and 2007, he released confidential patient records without the patients consent.

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