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What if I Agreed to a Car Crash Settlement Before Calling a Lawyer?

Injured victims who try to handle a car crash claim without legal help may end up feeling overwhelmed and being under-compensated. One prime example of how this could happen is if a crash victim verbally accepts a settlement offer before speaking with an attorney. Are verbal agreements to a settlement…

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Highway Hypnosis: Why it is Dangerous and Increases the Risk of a Crash

Have you ever driven a long distance and suddenly realized you cannot recall your surroundings or what has happened on the road for the last few minutes? If so, you may have experienced something called highway hypnosis. Even when not driving drowsy a person could zone out behind the wheel…

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Proving Fault if Speed is a Contributing Factor in Your Crash

Many drivers make a habit of driving over the speed limit without thinking twice. Do they intend to cause a crash that injures another person? Probably not, but it is still negligent behavior and makes them liable for the damages. The challenge for victims of these crashes is, what evidence…

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Determining Fault for a Backing-Up Crash

Backing-up crashes can cause severe or catastrophic damages, especially if the victim is a pedestrian. A lot of the time, the driver backing up may be the liable party, but is that always the case? Who else may be liable and how is fault determined for a backing-up crash? If…

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What if My Crash Was a Staged Insurance Fraud Scam?

After being involved in a car crash, victims may be unsure what steps to take next. However, what if the crash turns out not to be an accident at all, but a purposely staged scam? Staged car crashes are a common type of insurance fraud that targets unsuspecting drivers. These…

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What if a Driver Lies After Causing a Crash?

After a crash, the driver who caused it may try to lie about what happened to avoid dealing with the consequences. Unfortunately, this situation could cause you serious complications if you file an injury claim. Worse still, it could harm your ability to recover compensation for your damages. At PKSD,…

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Insurance Policy Limits and How They Impact Your Injury Claim

Car insurance helps to protect you if someone else causes a crash and injures you in the process. Like most states, Wisconsin requires all drivers to carry at least the minimum amount of coverage. However, who pays if your damages exceed the at-fault driver’s policy limits? If another person caused…

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Why Do Elderly Adults Have a Higher Risk of Being Hit as a Pedestrian?

The number of pedestrians getting struck by a vehicle has been on the rise in recent years. Of those injured or killed, statistics show that pedestrians aged 65 years and older are especially at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this age group accounted for…

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Do I Have a Claim if I Was Not Wearing a Seatbelt in a Crash?

Wisconsin requires all drivers and passengers over the age of four to buckle up. Children under four must also be in a child safety seat and properly restrained. Unfortunately, many people ignore this law even though not wearing a seatbelt makes them more likely to suffer serious harm in a…

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Cruise Control Errors That May Lead to a Car Crash

Cruise control is a safety system that provides certain benefits to drivers when used as intended, including maintaining a constant speed and improving gas mileage. However, depending on how and when drivers use cruise control, it could also lead to a crash. At PKSD, we are dedicated to holding at-fault…

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