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Who May Be At Fault for a Four-Way-Stop Crash

Four-way stops can be chaotic, even more so if a crash occurs. Aggressive drivers may often ignore the right-of-way laws at these “all-way” intersections and go through when they really should stop. Timid or inexperienced drivers, on the other hand, may wait too long to go. These and other situations…

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Could Accident Reconstruction Help Your Car Crash Claim?

After a traffic accident, investigators are often able to figure out who was liable. However, car crash claims are not always cut and dry. There are many factors that could make a claim more challenging to resolve. For example, if one or both of the drivers involved are unwilling or…

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How Common is Road Debris and Could it Lead to an Accident?

Thousands of car accidents happen each year due to road debris on U.S. highways and even smaller side streets in rural communities. The damages in these crashes are often severe, especially when a driver is unable to avoid hitting the object. Victims of road debris car accidents may wonder how…

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Vision Loss After a Car Crash – Is it a Claim?

Traffic accidents may cause victims to suffer multiple injuries. One common injury from a car crash that gets less attention involves damage to the eye or vision loss. Learn more about the types of eye injuries victims may suffer in a car crash. If you are having any type of…

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Why Track Medical Expenses During a Car Crash Claim

Being injured in a car crash creates an immediate and complex situation even if you are the only party involved. When the accident is caused by another driver’s negligence, however, it adds a whole other layer of frustration. Why should victims have to pay for things like surgery, emergency care…

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Do You Have a Legal Claim if a Food Delivery Driver Causes a Crash?

Food delivery has grown in popularity, and it is easy to see the benefits of these services. Yet having more delivery vehicles on the road also increases the risk of a crash. This is especially true given the stop-and-start nature of making deliveries. What happens if a food delivery driver…

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What if I Agreed to a Car Crash Settlement Before Calling a Lawyer?

Injured victims who try to handle a car crash claim without legal help may end up feeling overwhelmed and being under-compensated. One prime example of how this could happen is if a crash victim verbally accepts a settlement offer before speaking with an attorney. Are verbal agreements to a settlement…

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Highway Hypnosis: Why it is Dangerous and Increases the Risk of a Crash

Have you ever driven a long distance and suddenly realized you cannot recall your surroundings or what has happened on the road for the last few minutes? If so, you may have experienced something called highway hypnosis. Even when not driving drowsy a person could zone out behind the wheel…

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Proving Fault if Speed is a Contributing Factor in Your Crash

Many drivers make a habit of driving over the speed limit without thinking twice. Do they intend to cause a crash that injures another person? Probably not, but it is still negligent behavior and makes them liable for the damages. The challenge for victims of these crashes is, what evidence…

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Determining Fault for a Backing-Up Crash

Backing-up crashes can cause severe or catastrophic damages, especially if the victim is a pedestrian. A lot of the time, the driver backing up may be the liable party, but is that always the case? Who else may be liable and how is fault determined for a backing-up crash? If…

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