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Drowsy Driving Crashes – What Evidence Could Help Prove Your Case

Getting behind the wheel and driving while tired is a bad idea. Yet many people do it regardless of the significant risk of causing an accident. The NHTSA reports over 100,000 drowsy driving crashes every year, and approximately 1,550 deaths. Tragically, most of these collisions could likely have been prevented….

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How Does Mental Trauma Affect Victims After a Car Crash

After a traffic accident, we often think about the physical damage victims may experience. However, many car crash survivors may also have intense mental effects after this experience. Victims may suffer in silence and not really know what is causing their symptoms. PKSD Law Firm talks about the mental trauma…

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Who Is to Blame if Evasive Driving Action Leads to a Crash?

In the bustling city of Milwaukee, the roar of engines and blur of traffic are part of daily life. As a commuter, it is inevitable that you may sometimes need to take split-second evasive driving action to avoid a crash. At PKSD, we explain why evasive driving skills are essential….

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Can a Cyclist Biking Under the Influence Be Liable for a Crash?

In Wisconsin, bicycles are considered vehicles. As such, cyclists are subject to many of the same rules as drivers of motor vehicles. This includes obeying traffic laws, such as stopping at signals and yielding the right of way. However, there is often confusion about biking while under the influence in…

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Heavy Rain Crashes – What is the Risk and Who Can Be Liable?

Bad weather does not get a driver off the hook for negligence, even if severe conditions, like heavy rain, cause a crash. Determining fault is rarely straightforward, but bad weather always increases the risk of a traffic accident. Additionally, drivers who get behind the wheel despite extreme rainy weather still…

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Why You May Have Leg Pain After a Milwaukee Car Accident

There are numerous reasons why you may feel pain in your legs after a car crash, from broken bones and ligament damage to blood clots. While some of these injuries just need time to heal, others could be life-threatening if you do not get immediate treatment. PKSD’s experienced Milwaukee-based auto…

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14 Dangerous Milwaukee Intersections Drivers Should Know About in 2023

Milwaukee has a long history of being a dangerous city to drive through. With this in mind, it may not surprise you that the 14 deadliest intersections in Wisconsin are all in Milwaukee. A most recent round of serious traffic accidents resulted in the death of six victims, including a…

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What Critical Factors Influence the Value of My Car Crash Claim?

When seeking compensation for damages due to a negligent driver, there are critical factors that influence your car crash claim value. Below, PKSD discusses the top factors that can have a positive or negative impact on the value of your car crash claim. Need a car crash attorney? Our legal…

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What if Street Racing Led to a Crash and Caused My Injuries

Wisconsin, as a state, has among the highest number of illegal street racing incidents in the country. Street racing has been on the rise since the onset of the pandemic. In part, that was due fewer cars on the road. It may also be because there were a lot of…

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Brake-Check Crashes – What Drivers Need to Know

When other drivers follow behind your vehicle too closely, it can be tempting to do a brake check to give them the hint to back off. This is really not a good idea, however, and it could even incite the other driver to road rage, which could put you in…

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