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How Traffic Tickets in a Car Crash Could Help or Hurt Your Claim

If you are issued a traffic ticket following a car crash, you may worry about how it could affect the outcome of your claim. However, a citation is only one piece of evidence that may be used to assess liability for a traffic accident. What happens if… Read More

Discussing Your Injuries With Your Doctor After a Crash

After a car crash, accident victims may initially suffer shock and be unaware they are injured, especially if there are no visible wounds. Unfortunately, this may keep some people from getting a medical examination after a collision, and this can be a… Read More

How Maximum Medical Improvement Impacts Your Car Crash Claim

After getting hurt in a car crash, it is important to understand more about maximum medical improvement and the impact it could have on a claim. Plaintiffs who jump the gun and settle before this point in a claim often end up with too little money to… Read More

Dangerous Hazards You May Encounter at a Crash Scene

After a car crash, accident victims may be unsure what to do next. There is often confusion, especially in the first few minutes and before help arrives. What many may not know is that in addition to possible physical injuries from the initial impact,… Read More

Can Passengers Be at Fault for a Car Crash?

The responsibility for maintaining the safety of a vehicle primarily rests with drivers. However, there are a surprising number of reckless passenger behaviors that may distract a driver, potentially causing him or her to lose control of the vehicle. Most… Read More

Does Proving Road Rage Also Prove Negligence on the Part of the Driver?

Many people may believe that aggressive driving and road rage are one and the same. Road rage, however, is an extreme form of aggressive driving that can lead to serious car crashes, life-altering injuries and other types of bodily harm. Learn more about… Read More

Car Crash Risks for Elderly Drivers with a Fall History

A recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation compared aging drivers who had suffered injuries in one or more falls to other older drivers with no prior history of falling. The results of this study showed that those with a fall history were far more… Read More

Evidence That May Link Your Crash to Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a huge problem across the U.S. In fact, approximately 25 percent of accidents today are caused by texting and driving. If you are injured in a car crash caused by a driver you suspect was engaged in some form of distracted driving… Read More

Can a Pedestrian Be Liable for Causing a Car Accident?

In most accidents where a pedestrian is struck by another vehicle, it is nearly always the driver who is liable for the damages. But are there any circumstances where a pedestrian could be at least partially at-fault for causing a car crash? PKSD explains… Read More

Symptoms You Should Not Ignore After a Car Accident

After a car accident, most people immediately look for signs of a serious injury. If they see no fractures, open lacerations or other visible wounds, they may think they are fine. However, there are some common delayed or minor symptoms that may indicate… Read More

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