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Wisconsin UM/UIM Motorists Claims Amid COVID-19

Amid the fallout from COVID-19, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.1 percent in April, causing approximately 393,000 residents to file new claims for unemployment benefits. According to US News and World Report, this percentage of unemployment… Read More

Who Pays for Medical Treatment After a Rear-End Auto Accident?

Fault for a rear-end auto accident is typically assigned to the driver who hit the car in front of his or her vehicle. However, there are some rear-end collisions where both drivers could share liability. When this happens, determining who is responsible… Read More

What Can You Do If the Insurer Denies Your Car Accident Claim?

After a car accident, your first step is typically to pursue a claim through the insurance company, but what can you do if your claim is denied? PKSD shares the common reasons an insurance company may deny a claim, as well as what options you may have… Read More

Who May Be Liable for a Left-Turn Car Crash?

Many accidents occur when drivers make left turns. Most of the time, the driver of the car making the left turn is found at fault. However, there are exceptions when the other driver may be at fault. The experienced Milwaukee car accident lawyers at… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: How Holiday Party Hosts Can Help Prevent Drunk Driving

The holidays affect individuals differently each year. Some are excited for the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, while many others may feel lonely or depressed. One thing is for sure: holiday parties and get-togethers often involve more… Read More

Should You Call Police After a Crash if You Are Not in Pain?

Calling the police after a car accident that resulted in significant injuries or property damage is very common. However, accident victims who do not initially feel pain or see other signs of an injury may decide it is quicker and more convenient to simply… Read More

Pursuing an Uninsured Motorist Claim in Wisconsin

Wisconsin state law requires all motor vehicle operators to carry liability insurance. However, if you are hit by a driver who is either uninsured, underinsured, or worse still, you are the victim in a hit-and-run accident, you may be able to turn to… Read More

Options for Wisconsin Drivers Hit by an Underinsured Driver

If you get severely injured in a car crash, it is possible the at-fault driver will not have enough insurance coverage to pay your damages. If the at-fault driver only has the minimum insurance policy, a severe injury could quickly exhaust his or her… Read More

AAA Study Finds in-Vehicle Technology a Big Distraction for Older Drivers

There is no doubt that technology simplifies our daily tasks, but when it comes to driving, is it doing more harm than good? The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety seems to think so, especially when it comes to older drivers on the road. New research… Read More

Ford Knowingly Sold Cars with Dangerous Transmission Problems

A Free Press Investigation has found that Ford Motor Co. knowingly launched two low-priced models equipped with faulty transmissions. Ford continues to sell these models despite thousands of complaints and many costly repairs. Many of the cars with these… Read More

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