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PKSD Newsletter: More Deadly Accidents in 2020, Despite Less Traffic

For months during the 2020 pandemic, there was 16 percent less traffic on our roads and highways. Yet despite that fact, early reports show that the number of deadly accidents actually increased. In this month’s PKSD newsletter, we discuss these alarming… Read More

What is a Fair Settlement in a Car Accident Claim?

The first offer the insurance company may offer you after being injured may initially sound like a lot of money, especially if you are recovering and unable to work. However, the insurance company is not considering all the expenses you will have to pay… Read More

Can Insurance Tracking Data Hurt Your Car Crash Claim?

Are you enrolled in your insurance company’s good driver discount program? If so, are you aware that your driving data is being tracked? PKSD discusses what data your insurance company may be tracking and how that data is commonly used. More importantly,… Read More

Paying for Medical Costs After a Wisconsin Car Crash

What happens if you are involved in a car crash in Wisconsin that was caused by a negligent or reckless driver? Who will cover your medical costs while you pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses? The attorneys at PKSD law discuss some… Read More

How Do I Pursue a Claim for a Car Crash That Happened in Another State?

Car accidents are bad enough when they happen in the city or county where you live. But what happens if you travel out of state and get into a crash? How do you pursue compensation? How is this different from claims involving in-state crashes? You may… Read More

Who is Liable for a Crash Due to a Sudden Medical Emergency?

What happens if the driver who caused your car accident claims that he or she had a sudden medical emergency and is therefore not liable for your damages? While a sudden medical emergency is a real thing, it is not uncommon for at-fault drivers to try… Read More

Can Parents Be Liable for a Car Crash if Their Teen Was Driving?

It is well known that teen drivers, with little experience, training or acquired skills combined with many and varied distractions, have an increased risk for having a car crash. If your teen causes an accident, can you be held liable for the injuries… Read More

Wisconsin UM/UIM Motorists Claims Amid COVID-19

Amid the fallout from COVID-19, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.1 percent in April, causing approximately 393,000 residents to file new claims for unemployment benefits. According to US News and World Report, this percentage of unemployment… Read More

Who Pays for Medical Treatment After a Rear-End Auto Accident?

Fault for a rear-end auto accident is typically assigned to the driver who hit the car in front of his or her vehicle. However, there are some rear-end collisions where both drivers could share liability. When this happens, determining who is responsible… Read More

What Can You Do If the Insurer Denies Your Car Accident Claim?

After a car accident, your first step is typically to pursue a claim through the insurance company, but what can you do if your claim is denied? PKSD shares the common reasons an insurance company may deny a claim, as well as what options you may have… Read More

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