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power morcellator injury lawyersOur personal injury law firm is currently investigating the use of power morcellators manufactured by several companies, including Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Many women who have had laparoscopic power morcellation were not informed that the procedure carries a risk of spreading undetected cancer. Even worse, there are claims that morcellator manufacturers knew about the cancer risk and withheld critical information from doctors and patients.

If you or someone you know was diagnosed with advanced-stage uterine cancer after having a hysterectomy in which a morcellator was used, you may be able to file a lawsuit.

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Potential Spread of Cancerous Tissue Due to Morcellators

According to the FDA, an estimated 1 out of 350 women undergoing gynecological surgery will have an undetected uterine sarcoma, or cancerous uterine fibroid.

The specific version of morcellators causing concern are known as laparoscopic power morcellators. The medical devices aggressively cut uterine tissue into small pieces. The benefits include shorter recovery times, less pain, fewer complications and smaller scars.

Unfortunately, the procedure may also spread any cancerous cell present during the pulverization of tissue. Women who believe that their cancer diagnosis was made worse as a result of opting for a less invasive fibroid surgery or hysterectomy are currently filing lawsuits.

Risks and Side Effects of Power Morcellators

Power morcellators may also cause a number of adverse events that are not dangerous, but can significantly impair quality of life such as:

  • Bleeding at the incision site
  • Bruising
  • Infection and abscess
  • Pelvic and abdominal pain
  • Fibroid re-occurrence

Following increased scrutiny of morcellators, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an alert. In 2014, the FDA began discouraging the use of these devices in uterine and fibroid removal procedures, as they may spread an undetected or unsuspected uterine sarcoma.

According to the FDA alert, using a power morcellator increases the risk of spreading undetected cancerous cells, notably uterine sarcomas, beyond the uterus.

The FDA now advises against the use of power morcellators for the majority of women who require hysterectomies or fibroid removal surgery.

Cancer Risk Prompts Ethicon Sales Suspension

Ethicon has suspended sales and issued a voluntary recall affecting the following three power morcellators produced by the company:

  • Gynecare Morcellex Tissue Morcellator
  • Morcellex Sigma Tissue Morcellator System
  • Gynecare X-Tract Tissue Morcellator

However, even though Ethicon has halted production, no recalls have been activated and the devices may still be used at the discretion of individuals.

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