Bed Sores In Nursing Homes

Evaluating pressure sore injury claims by a Wisconsin nursing home lawyerThe law requires that a nursing home must ensure that a resident does not develop pressure-sores unless the residents medical condition shows that the pressure sores were unavoidable. In some cases, pressure sores can be unavoidable.

Many times the development of pressure sores is avoidable, and the reason for pressure sore development is the negligence of the nursing home.

Has your loved one suffered from bed sores while in the care of a nursing home?

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How We Can Help To Build A Robust Damages Claim

nursing home abuse claimsIt is important to note that each case involving pressure sores, or decubitus ulcers, is highly individualized and our law firm will review the medical chart of the resident in order to determine if the development of a pressure sore was avoidable.

We have helped numerous nursing home abuse victims and their families in Wisconsin and can provide the experience that is needed to safely navigate the entire litigation process.

Some of the information we look for includes:

  • What was the residents skin condition before admission to the nursing home?
  • What medical problems did the resident have? Some medical problems such as diabetes, kidney failure and paralysis place the resident at risk of developing bedsores.
  • Was good care given in the home, such as turning and proper positioning of a patient, use of devices to relieve pressure such as special mattresses, beds and padding to protect areas at risk for breakdown such as the heels and elbows?
  • Was the resident kept clean and dry to prevent skin breakdown?
  • Was the resident receiving adequate nutrition and fluids?
  • Was the resident identified as being at risk for pressure sores, and if so, was a preventative care plan implemented?
  • How many bedsores developed, how severe, and where are they located on the body?
  • Was a doctor and/or wound care specialist consulted and whether they were actively and consistently involved in treatment?
  • Is there accurate documentation in the medical chart of assessments of the skin, turning and repositioning, and treatment of the decubitus ulcers?
  • Are there pictures of the pressure sores?
  • Did the pressure sores lead to serious complications such as infection, amputation and sepsis (the spread of the infection to the bloodstream) that can lead to death?

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