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Why Understaffing is a Major Problem in Nursing Homes

The statistics related to understaffing in nursing homes are startling. According to Nursing Home Abuse Guide, forty-six percent of nurses have excessive workloads in nursing homes. More than 90 percent of all nursing homes in the country are understaffed.… Read More

Deadly, Drug-resistant Germs Spreading in Nursing Homes

Candida auris, a deadly fungus, is one of many drug-resistant germs spreading in nursing homes around the country. Since this highly contagious germ first arrived in the United States four years ago, it has infected as many as 796 patients, with approximately… Read More

Risk Factors for Dehydration and Malnutrition in Nursing Homes

Malnutrition and dehydration are serious threats in nursing home facilities that can result in infections, muscle weakness and confusion. Below, we discuss the dangerous side effects of dehydration and malnutrition and what signs to look out for. If… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: Smart Toys and Your Child’s Safety

Advances in technology have forever changed children’s toys. Many toys are equipped with microphones, microcontrollers, memory and the ability to connect to the Internet. This is why monitoring your child’s use of these kinds of toys is especially important. In… Read More

Factors of Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

Not all abuse is physical. Emotional abuse can be just as degrading and damaging to a person’s health. If your elderly loved one has experienced emotional abuse in his or her nursing home facility, you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. The experienced… Read More

Understanding Duty of Care in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

Every person has a responsibility to act reasonably in order to avoid harm to others. This is especially true when we trust nursing home facilities to care for our elderly loved ones. The duty of care in nursing homes dictates the way nursing home staff… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: 2019 Justice Served Awards

Every year, the You Should Know newsletter by PKSD and its provider Voice2News, recognizes those who have gone above and beyond to make America a safer and more just nation. Known as the 2019 Justice Served Awards, we take the time in this issue to showcase… Read More

Options for Wisconsin Drivers Hit by an Underinsured Driver

If you get severely injured in a car crash, it is possible the at-fault driver will not have enough insurance coverage to pay your damages. If the at-fault driver only has the minimum insurance policy, a severe injury could quickly exhaust his or her… Read More

AAA Study Finds in-Vehicle Technology a Big Distraction for Older Drivers

There is no doubt that technology simplifies our daily tasks, but when it comes to driving, is it doing more harm than good? The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety seems to think so, especially when it comes to older drivers on the road. New research… Read More

Are Nurse Staffing Ratios in Long-Term Care Facilities Safe?

If you have a loved one living in either a long-term care home (LTC) or skilled nursing facility (SNF), you want to know they are happy, well-cared for and safe. However, that confidence could be tested when you discover that today’s nurse staffing ratio… Read More

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