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Minneapolis Nursing Home Resident Killed After Breathing Tube Error Cuts Off Oxygen

The Minnesota Department of Health just concluded its investigation into the Nov. 14 suffocation death of a 75-year-old resident of the Benedictine Health Center. Investigators blamed the resident's sudden death on a nurse's actions and the failure of… Read More

Former Staffer at Ohio Nursing Home Indicted for Felony Connected to Resident Death

On Wednesday, a woman from Old West End was indicted for a felony and two misdemeanors related to the death of a resident at Arbors at Oregon, a senior care center in Ohio. The felony charge is for involuntary manslaughter and the two misdemeanors are… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: Investigation Finds Surgery Centers Have Poor Oversight and Unqualified Staffs

In this month's edition of You Should Know, PKSD's newsletter, we discuss some of the findings from a joint investigation by Kaiser Health News and USA TODAY into ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) and how they are putting patients at risk for complications… Read More

How Can Truck Companies Make Their Vehicles Safer?

We have all noticed automakers rapidly adding new safety features to their vehicles over the last several years, from automatic emergency braking systems and collision warning systems to stability control and lane departure warning systems. Unfortunately,… Read More

Factors in Car Accidents That Get Less Attention Than Speeding or Drunk or Distracted Driving

There is a lot of media attention on things like drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding because these factors cause a lot of accidents. However, there are other factors that can be involved in car accidents that get a lot less attention. Below,… Read More

Jeff Pitman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Santa Fe Nursing Home on Behalf of Victim's Estate

On Monday, the son of a former resident of Pacifica Senior Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home and the former director. The lawsuit claims the facility was negligent in caring for the victim's father… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: Reuters Report Claims Johnson & Johnson Covered Up Cancer Risk of Baby Powder

In the February 2019 edition of the PKSD Newsletter, You Should Know, we discuss a recent investigation by Reuters about Johnson & Johnson and whether the company knew about the risk of cancer from its baby powder product. Reuters argues the manufacturer… Read More

How to Avoid a Slip and Fall Injury in Winter

Slip and fall injuries can happen at any time of the year, but there is a particularly high risk during the winter months because of the presence of snow and ice. There are many precautions you can take to reduce your risk of a slip and fall accident… Read More

Jeff Pitman, Patrick O'Neill and Ben Reyes Recover $11 Million in New Mexico Wrongful Death Case

PKSD is proud to announce an $11 million verdict we recovered on behalf of the estate of a patient at a nursing facility in New Mexico who suffered pressure injuries on her heels and died because of them. The verdict was obtained by Jeff Pitman, Patrick… Read More

Building a Case for Compensation for a Soft-Tissue Injury

Car accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, from broken bones and internal bleeding to traumatic brain injuries. Victims can also suffer soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash or torn rotator cuffs. These injuries are often considered to be less… Read More

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