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Calculating an Insurance Settlement for a Car Accident

Most car accident cases are resolved through insurance claims. Insurance companies review a variety of factors to determine the value of your car accident settlement. Insurers often use certain systems to bring everything together and determine your settlement… Read More

Analysis of Federal Data Shows Nursing Homes Are Often Understaffed

Most nursing homes have been understaffed for years but administrators have been lying to the government about it, according to Kaiser Health News' recent analysis of Medicare payroll records. The data reveals significant changes in the number of staff… Read More

How Does Warmer Weather Increase the Risk of a Car Accident?

When the temperature rises, your risk of a car accident may also go up. There are many reasons for this, some having to do with how the heat affects your car and others having to do with how the heat affects other drivers. Learn more about the risks of… Read More

Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers This Summer

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 2,820 teens lost their lives in car accidents in 2016. Almost one-third of those deaths (1,044) occurred in the summer between May and August. This increase in accidents may be because teenagers… Read More

Share the Road with Semi Trucks Safely with These Tips

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger cars, and have limitations that make driving near them more dangerous. Drivers should exercise caution to limit the possibility of a truck accident by practicing safe driving skills when sharing… Read More

Diseases That are Commonly Misdiagnosed by Doctors

Misdiagnosis is one of the most common forms of medical malpractice. It occurs when a doctor fails to make a diagnosis or when he or she misdiagnoses the patient with the wrong illness. Misdiagnosis can cause substantial injury to patients because they… Read More

Investigation Finds New Mexico Nursing Homes are Some of Nation's Worst

New Mexico nursing homes have serious deficiencies that put them among some of the worst nursing facilities in the nation, according to a detailed analysis by ProPublica, an investigative journalism organization. ProPublica's analysis revealed that 36… Read More

69-Year-Old Man Confesses to Sexually Assaulting Two Nursing Home Residents

A 69-year-old man from Sauk City, Wisconsin, confessed to sexually assaulting two residents of a local nursing home within the past few months. He told authorities he hoped one of the victims would not talk about it. The latest assault occurred on May… Read More

Victims of Human Trafficking Seeking Justice Through Civil Lawsuits

May's edition of the PKSD Newsletter, You Should Know, discusses human trafficking in the U.S. This form of modern-day slavery occurs when people are forced or coerced into being exploited for labor, sex, marriage or even their organs. The newsletter… Read More

How a Pre-Existing Condition May Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury victims are often afraid that they will be unable to obtain compensation if they have a pre-existing injury. However, you may still be able to recover compensation if you can prove your pre-existing injury is unrelated to your new injury… Read More

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