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Employee Discusses Poor Care at Shutdown Nursing Homes

In a recent local news interview, an anonymous employee discussed the conditions at two assisted living facilities that were shut down by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment last week. These facilities did not meet medical and safety… Read More

Senior Care Worker to Serve Three to Six Months in Jail for Elder Neglect

A senior care home operator at a facility in Rohnert Park, California, will serve a three to six-month jail sentence and be put on probation for three years for elder neglect that led to a resident's death. She is prohibited from operate a care home while… Read More

Illinois Department of Public Health Cites Seven Nursing Homes for Violations

Earlier this month, the Illinois Department of Public Health's (IDPH) annual report revealed numerous violations at seven Quad-Cities-area nursing homes. The violations involved abuse and neglect of residents, including one case of accidental strangulation… Read More

Forced Arbitration Protects Workplace Harassers, Not Victims

The latest edition of the PKSD newsletter, You Should Know, covers forced arbitration clauses in employment agreements. These agreements favor employers by forcing harassment disputes into closed-door meetings that tend to favor the company and hide wrongdoing… Read More

Truck Accident Liability: What You Need to Know

Commercial trucks are much larger than traditional passenger vehicles, which is why commercial trucking accidents often cause people in passenger vehicles to suffer severe, potentially life-threatening injuries. Many of these crashes are caused by the… Read More

FDA Lists Several Recalls

The following products have been recalled by the FDA for various reasons. For more information, please go to www.fda.gov. Rushing Waters Fisheries, Palmyra, is recalling about 225 pounds of smoked trout and smoked salmon spreads, because the products… Read More

What You Should Know About Home Health Care Abuse

As the population ages, more people are turning to home health care as a way to maintain some level of independence. Patients receive care in their homes instead of moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility. While most home health workers… Read More

Retired Judge Says Medical Examiners Often Favor Employers in Workers' Compensation Cases

Employers and workers' compensation insurers hire independent medical examiners (IMEs) to review workers' compensation claims and help determine if a worker should receive benefits. Unfortunately, IMEs tend to favor the employer and not the worker, according… Read More

How Will Self-Driving Vehicles Affect Your Safety on the Road?

The January edition of the PKSD Newsletter, You Should Know, covers the future of self-driving cars and what these vehicles mean for you. While these vehicles could save thousands of lives each year, this technology raises many questions and presents… Read More

Analysis Shows Outsourcing Nursing Home Services Causes Poor Care

An analysis by Kaiser Health News (KHN) reveals that more than 11,000 nursing homes from across the nation are outsourcing a variety of goods and services. In many cases, these business arrangements are allowing outside companies to make millions while… Read More

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