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Did You Know Arbitrators Are Usually Men and Are Overwhelmingly White?

Not only are minorities and women more likely than white men to be forced into arbitration; arbitrators working on these cases are mostly male and overwhelmingly white. This is according to research gathered by the American Association for Justice. Consider… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: Adult Supervision is Key to Helping Prevent Playground Injuries

Summer is almost here and that means millions of children will be hitting the playground to spend time with their friends and have fun. It may come as little surprise there is a spike in playground injuries in June. In this month’s edition of the PKSD… Read More

What a Nursing Home’s Staff May Reveal About Its Quality of Care

When looking into nursing homes for a family member, determining if it meets acceptable quality of care standards can be difficult. While online resources may provide some initial insights, checking out the facility and its staff in person may lend more… Read More

Dangerous Hazards You May Encounter at a Crash Scene

After a car crash, accident victims may be unsure what to do next. There is often confusion, especially in the first few minutes and before help arrives. What many may not know is that in addition to possible physical injuries from the initial impact,… Read More

Can Passengers Be at Fault for a Car Crash?

The responsibility for maintaining the safety of a vehicle primarily rests with drivers. However, there are a surprising number of reckless passenger behaviors that may distract a driver, potentially causing him or her to lose control of the vehicle. Most… Read More

What is the Value of Credible Witnesses in Nursing Home Abuse Claims?

Abuse is a prevalent issue in many nursing homes. If a resident has suffered abuse because of a nursing home's negligence, the victim - or his or her family - may be eligible to seek compensation for the damages. Recovering compensation for injured residents… Read More

Does Proving Road Rage Also Prove Negligence on the Part of the Driver?

Many people may believe that aggressive driving and road rage are one and the same. Road rage, however, is an extreme form of aggressive driving that can lead to serious car crashes, life-altering injuries and other types of bodily harm. Learn more about… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: How Parents Can Help Keep Their Teen Drivers Safer on the Roads

Teen drivers are among the riskiest of all drivers on the road. Their lack of experience behind the wheel combined with judgment skills that are not yet fully developed increases the odds of them being involved in a car crash. So how can parents help… Read More

How the Reasonable Person Standard Affects an Injury Claim

Although it may seem like certain actions or inactions are common sense when it comes to preventing harm. That is not always the way things happen. In a legal case, using the reasonable person standard helps the law to examine more carefully the position… Read More

Car Crash Risks for Elderly Drivers with a Fall History

A recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation compared aging drivers who had suffered injuries in one or more falls to other older drivers with no prior history of falling. The results of this study showed that those with a fall history were far more… Read More

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