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Why the Pandemic is Linked to the Excess Deaths of Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

While there have been numerous deaths directly related to the coronavirus, studies are showing that many others are also dying from being quarantined in isolation. Since the onset of COVID-19 in March, the number of deaths from Alzheimer's and Dementia… Read More

Can I Provide Evidence for a Nursing Home Neglect Claim?

Nursing homes have long been under fire for incidents involving abuse or neglect of long-term care residents who must rely on others for their daily care and well-being. What are some of the signs that may specifically indicate nursing home neglect?… Read More

Increased Commercial Drone Use Raises Privacy and Safety Concerns

Drone technology, which was previously used with balloons, torpedoes and aerial targets, has been around since the mid-1800s. More recent technology was solely used by the military until 2006. The first commercial permits for drones were issued by the… Read More

Federal Investigation Called Following Multiple COVID Deaths at Veterans Home

The Wisconsin Veterans Home at Union Grove is under scrutiny following the COVID-related deaths of ten residents at its facility. Three of these deaths happened in early August and in the same week. It was these latest incidents that led U.S. Rep. Bryan… Read More

What Do We Mean by ‘No Upfront Fees’?

The personal injury lawyers at PKSD are not paid unless they win your case and recover compensation for your damages. You pay no costs up front, which includes paying nothing to meet with an attorney for an initial consultation. If we validate your case,… Read More

Who is Liable for a Crash Due to a Sudden Medical Emergency?

What happens if the driver who caused your car accident claims that he or she had a sudden medical emergency and is therefore not liable for your damages? While a sudden medical emergency is a real thing, it is not uncommon for at-fault drivers to try… Read More

Can Parents Be Liable for a Car Crash if Their Teen Was Driving?

It is well known that teen drivers, with little experience, training or acquired skills combined with many and varied distractions, have an increased risk for having a car crash. If your teen causes an accident, can you be held liable for the injuries… Read More

Can You Hold a Nursing Home Liable for Sepsis Due to Neglect?

Did your family member suffer from sepsis at his or her nursing home? Are you concerned that the facility and its caregivers may be responsible for neglect, substandard care or medical malpractice? Sepsis can lead to serious pain and suffering or loss… Read More

PKSD Newsletter: Children Are the Hidden Casualties of America’s Opioid Addiction

America’s ongoing opioid addiction crisis continues, leaving millions of victims in its wake, but none so tragic as the number of children, who have suffered the consequences. Read PKSD’s newsletter to learn about the ripple effect that has impacted… Read More

Are Nursing Homes Misusing Hundreds of Millions of Funds Intended for Pandemic Relief?

Multiple nursing homes around the country received more than $300 million in pandemic funds to spend as they like. While many long-term care facilities impacted by COVID-19 have a valid need for funding, these recipients are for-profit facilities with… Read More

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