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Do Nursing Homes Have a Right to Residents’ Stimulus Checks?

As far back as May 2020, both the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received reports from multiple states that some nursing homes were attempting to get their hands on residents’ stimulus checks. Is this legal? Are these payments considered… Read More

Are Nursing Home Violations Being Ignored Amid the Pandemic?

Nursing homes have long been under the microscope for issues with understaffing, negligence, and other violations - even before the U.S. saw its first case of COVID-19. However, it is concerning that in the months since the pandemic hit, nursing home… Read More

Understanding Nursing Home Immunity Laws Amid COVID-19

Wisconsin, like many other states across the country, enacted limited immunity laws early on in the pandemic to help protect frontline workers and providers in the healthcare industry from civil liability. These dedicated medical professionals continue… Read More

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Number of Nursing Home Deaths Due to Neglect

The spread of COVID-19 since the virus first reached U.S. shores has been astronomical, but nursing homes have remained the hardest hit. However, it is not the virus alone that has led to an unprecedented wave of deaths among long-term care residents. PKSD… Read More

Can Nursing Homes be Liable for a Wheelchair Injury?

Many nursing home residents are either confined to a wheelchair or need to use one almost all the time. By using a wheelchair, these residents should be able to avoid falling and the severe, potentially life-threatening injuries that may result from falling. Unfortunately,… Read More

How a Nursing Home Turn Schedule Affects Bedsores

Elderly residents who are bedridden and dealing with other underlying health conditions are among the most susceptible to bedsores, especially if their nursing home is not providing an acceptable standard of care. PKSD discusses why nursing home turn… Read More

Sheboygan Nursing Home to Test All Residents and Staff for COVID-19

The Sunny Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin has 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of April 4, 2020, according to county officials. The first two cases were reported on March 31st and the total number of cases quickly increased… Read More

Can Nursing Homes be Liable for Virus Outbreaks?

Viral outbreaks and other medical diseases present a growing concern to everyone, but especially the most vulnerable in our population, such as residents in long term care. The elderly are often disproportionately impacted by pneumonia, flu and other… Read More

Wisconsin Authorities Release Guidelines on Visiting Long-Term Care Facilities

The elderly, particularly those in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, are at high risk for contracting the coronavirus and dying from it. Residents and their loved ones need to take steps to help slow the spread of this deadly virus. The Board… Read More

CMS Releases New Nursing Home Special Focus Facility List

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) instituted the Special Focus Facility Program to identify nursing homes with a history of serious quality issues and to implement practices to help improve their quality of resident care. Facilities… Read More

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