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What a Nursing Home’s Staff May Reveal About Its Quality of Care

When looking into nursing homes for a family member, determining if it meets acceptable quality of care standards can be difficult. While online resources may provide some initial insights, checking out the facility and its staff in person may lend more… Read More

What is the Value of Credible Witnesses in Nursing Home Abuse Claims?

Abuse is a prevalent issue in many nursing homes. If a resident has suffered abuse because of a nursing home's negligence, the victim - or his or her family - may be eligible to seek compensation for the damages. Recovering compensation for injured residents… Read More

How Long Might a Nursing Home Abuse Case Take?

Nursing home abuse cases are complex and difficult to prove. The entire legal process can take 18-24 months or longer. There are many steps that must happen to get to a point where litigation can begin. PKSD explains more about the legal process for… Read More

How Nursing Homes With Five-Star Ratings May Be Hiding Dangerous Problems

No single event has brought as much attention to the substandard quality of care in U.S. nursing homes as the pandemic. Now it seems that even the highly influential star system used for ranking the quality of care provided by a nursing home is being… Read More

America's Broken Nursing Homes: Does Anyone Care Enough to Fix Them?

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 took an unprecedented toll on nursing homes across the United States. More than 170,000 long-term care residents and their caregivers died after becoming infected with the virus. In addition to the massive loss of life,… Read More

CMS Guidelines for Nursing Home Visitation Amid COVID-19

As COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out, nursing home efforts continue to reduce the spread of infection. However, the ongoing separation from family and friends has severely impacted the mental health conditions of many residents living in long-term… Read More

Do Nursing Homes Have a Right to Residents’ Stimulus Checks?

As far back as May 2020, both the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received reports from multiple states that some nursing homes were attempting to get their hands on residents’ stimulus checks. Is this legal? Are these payments considered… Read More

Are Nursing Home Violations Being Ignored Amid the Pandemic?

Nursing homes have long been under the microscope for issues with understaffing, negligence, and other violations - even before the U.S. saw its first case of COVID-19. However, it is concerning that in the months since the pandemic hit, nursing home… Read More

Understanding Nursing Home Immunity Laws Amid COVID-19

Wisconsin, like many other states across the country, enacted limited immunity laws early on in the pandemic to help protect frontline workers and providers in the healthcare industry from civil liability. These dedicated medical professionals continue… Read More

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Number of Nursing Home Deaths Due to Neglect

The spread of COVID-19 since the virus first reached U.S. shores has been astronomical, but nursing homes have remained the hardest hit. However, it is not the virus alone that has led to an unprecedented wave of deaths among long-term care residents. PKSD… Read More

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