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Nursing Home Aide Squirts Glue into Eye of Resident

An Iowa nursing home may face federal penalties after a nurse’s aide mistakenly put glue into the eye of a resident. The incident happened at Aspire of Gowrie, a facility in Webster County that has a known history of multiple serious regulatory violations. In this latest incident, Iowa Capital Dispatch…

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Iowa State Regulators Failed to Impose Triple Fine Against Nursing Home Where Resident Bled to Death

Last week, regulators at the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA) acknowledged they broke the law when they failed to impose a triple fine against a nursing home where a resident bled to death. The DIA imposed a fine of $17,500 for failure to make sure the resident’s treatment…

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Nursing Home Faces Over $900,000 in Fines for Alleged Abuse

An Iowa nursing home in Taylor County was issued over $900,000 in fines for the abuse of one of its residents. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) imposed these fines against Lenox Care Center in Taylor County following the findings of recent state inspections. In August 2022, state…

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Iowa Regulators See 45 Percent Increase in Health Care Facility Complaints in 2022

Through October of 2022, the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA) has received 2,186 complaints about health care facilities, such as nursing homes. The DIA is receiving an average of 219 complaints per month, which is a 45 percent increase compared to the past two years. The number of…

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USA Today Investigation Finds Thousands of Nursing Homes Routinely Violate Staffing Rules

An investigation by USA Today has revealed the scope of the problem of understaffing at U.S. nursing homes – in 2021, more than 75 percent of these facilities had fewer aides and nurses than they should have. Despite this, just 589 (four percent) of these facilities were cited by regulators…

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Worker Fired After Talking to State Investigator

Earlier this year, a nursing home caregiver was terminated after she spoke to a state investigator. According to state records, the inspector was investigating conditions at the facility. The caregiver, Brandy Johnson, was a certified nurse aide at the Aspire of Perry nursing home for three years. She was fired…

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Resident of Iowa Nursing Home Dies After Being Suspended Upside Down Over Bed

State investigators have cited Iowa’s Clarion Wellness and Rehabilitation Center for placing a resident in immediate jeopardy. The resident died on March 19 after a grab bar was installed on a bed and the resident’s upper body got stuck between the headboard and grab bar. The resident was suspended upside…

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Violations Found at the Six Care Initiatives Nursing Homes

Several Iowa nursing home facilities were recently cited for serious violations. State inspectors investigated the original complaints, many of which were substantiated. In all, allegations against the Iowa nursing homes included multiple complaints of abuse, neglect and medication errors. Hefty fines of up to $80,250 have already been assessed against…

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Nursing Home Resident Dies After Being Fed Dishwashing Liquid

An elderly woman living in a California nursing home died after being fed dishwashing liquid instead of juice. Two other residents at the home were also served dishwashing liquid. They survived, but were hospitalized for injuries caused by ingesting the toxic chemicals. The victim, Gertrude Elizabeth Murison Maxwell, was a…

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Are Nursing Homes Liable if One Resident Attacks Another?

Abuse in nursing homes is often perpetrated by staff members and caregivers who work in the facility. There are also situations where residents are abused by other residents. In fact, resident-on-resident abuse is so prevalent that many nursing homes consider these attacks part of everyday life. Despite the normalization of…

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