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Staff Arrested for Running a Dementia Fight Club in Assisted Living Facility

Earlier this month, three female employees of the Danby House, an assisted living facility in North Carolina, were arrested and accused of starting their own fight club using the facility’s dementia patients. The patients were forced to punch each other… Read More

Why Understaffing is a Major Problem in Nursing Homes

The statistics related to understaffing in nursing homes are startling. According to Nursing Home Abuse Guide, forty-six percent of nurses have excessive workloads in nursing homes. More than 90 percent of all nursing homes in the country are understaffed.… Read More

Risk Factors for Dehydration and Malnutrition in Nursing Homes

Malnutrition and dehydration are serious threats in nursing home facilities that can result in infections, muscle weakness and confusion. Below, we discuss the dangerous side effects of dehydration and malnutrition and what signs to look out for. If… Read More

Factors of Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

Not all abuse is physical. Emotional abuse can be just as degrading and damaging to a person’s health. If your elderly loved one has experienced emotional abuse in his or her nursing home facility, you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. The experienced… Read More

Are Nurse Staffing Ratios in Long-Term Care Facilities Safe?

If you have a loved one living in either a long-term care home (LTC) or skilled nursing facility (SNF), you want to know they are happy, well-cared for and safe. However, that confidence could be tested when you discover that today’s nurse staffing ratio… Read More

Man Jailed on Assault Charges at Sheboygan Nursing Home

A 66-year-old man from Green Bay has been charged with four felonies relating to two incidents on July 7 in which he assaulted an elderly resident in a Sheboygan nursing home where he worked. A coworker assigned to a floor for patients with dementia… Read More

Study Finds 75 Percent of Nursing Homes Fall Short of Federal RN Staffing Expectations

A new study done by researchers from Harvard and Vanderbilt reveals that three-fourths (75 percent) of U.S. nursing homes are rarely ever in compliance with federal expectations for staffing of registered nurses (RNs). There are often no RNs in these… Read More

Community Struggles to Get Answers About Nursing Home Closure

Sunshine Haven, a small nursing home in southern New Mexico (Lordsburg) is scheduled to close by August 3, 2019. The only nursing home in the community houses 37 residents, according to the Healthcare Compare website, who will need to find new housing… Read More

Nursing Homes in Wisconsin Graded Above Average in Half of Quality Measures

For the third year, Families for Better Care, a citizen advocacy group, released a report card on nursing homes across all 50 states. The report grades nursing homes in all 50 states based on the quality of care provided to residents. Wisconsin nursing… Read More

Many Nursing Homes in Milwaukee, Throughout Wisconsin Rated as Below Average

An investigation by WTMJ-TV Milwaukee’s I-team reveals 60 of the 375 nursing homes in Wisconsin have a one-star rating in the federal nursing home rating system. A one-star rating indicates the care provided by the facility and the overall quality of… Read More

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