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Nursing Home Resident Dies After Being Fed Dishwashing Liquid

An elderly woman living in a California nursing home died after being fed dishwashing liquid instead of juice. Two other residents at the home were also served dishwashing liquid. They survived, but were hospitalized for injuries caused by ingesting the toxic chemicals. The victim, Gertrude Elizabeth Murison Maxwell, was a…

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Are Nursing Homes Liable if One Resident Attacks Another?

Abuse in nursing homes is often perpetrated by staff members and caregivers who work in the facility. There are also situations where residents are abused by other residents. In fact, resident-on-resident abuse is so prevalent that many nursing homes consider these attacks part of everyday life. Despite the normalization of…

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How Nursing Homes Hide Evidence of Abuse

Families research a lot of nursing homes to find one they feel they can trust to take care of a loved one. Yet far more abuse happens in some highly rated nursing homes than you will ever hear about. Facilities go to great lengths to protect their ratings because high…

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Country Villa Assisted Living Facility Sued After COVID-19 Outbreak

In May 2020, Country Villa Assisted Living Facility in Pulaski, Wisconsin had an outbreak of COVID-19. During that outbreak, 10 of the residents who contracted the disease later died. Now, three of the families who lost their loved ones during this outbreak, including a husband and wife couple, are suing…

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Are Granny Cams Legal to Use in Nursing Homes?

The pandemic has put negligent nursing homes and caregivers into the limelight, and with good reason. Families, wondering how to ensure the safety of loved ones in long-term care, may look to technology for help. Surveillance cameras or other types of recording gear can help them to keep a closer…

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Iowa Nursing Home Accountable in Resident’s Death

Timely Mission, a nursing home in Iowa, has been held accountable for the tragic death of a resident in its care. This resident, an elderly woman, suffered multiple and repeated injuries from a staff nurse responsible for her care. The nursing home knew this nurse had a prior history of…

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When Could You Have a Claim for Nursing Home Negligent Security?

Nursing homes owe residents a duty of care to ensure the environment they live in is safe and secure from foreseeable harm. Yet many facilities fail to adequately address physical security for the residents in their care. What can family members do if they are concerned about nursing home negligent…

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Can Nursing Homes Be Liable for Feeding Tube Injuries?

Feeding tubes are used to help elderly residents get the nutrition they need. However, these tubes pose an increased risk for serious or fatal injuries. Often these injuries are the result of nursing home negligence. Learn more about these risks and errors, including when nursing homes may be liable for…

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Fake Diagnoses Hiding Increased Nursing Home Abuse of Antipsychotic Drugs

Long-term care facilities have long been criticized for the overuse of antipsychotic drugs on residents in their care. Not only do these drugs pose an extreme health risk for the elderly, but they are also widely abused in nursing homes as a way to manage difficult patients. PKSD shares a…

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What a Nursing Home’s Staff May Reveal About Its Quality of Care

When looking into nursing homes for a family member, determining if it meets acceptable quality of care standards can be difficult. While online resources may provide some initial insights, checking out the facility and its staff in person may lend more reliable signs about a nursing home’s level of care….

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