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PKSD Newsletter – Driverless Semi Trucks Tested on Public Roads

Self-driving trucks are not just the wave of the future. They are here now and already being tested in multiple states across the U.S. Are these vehicles safe? What checks and balances are there for accountability? What happens if a self-driving truck is involved in a crash? In this month’s…

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PKSD Newsletter: How to Be Safer While Driving Around Semi-Trucks

June, July and August are notorious for being the worst months of the year for traffic fatalities. Not surprisingly, some of the deadliest summer crashes involve collisions with semi-trucks, buses and other large commercial vehicles (CMVs). While many of these fatal crashes could be avoided, are the truck drivers always…

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Fiery Crash at 50th Road in Racine County Leaves 2 Truck Drivers Dead, Injures 2 More People

Courtesy: FOX6News When a southbound semi tractor-trailer hit a construction barrier on I-41/94 in Racine County on Wednesday morning, it started a chain reaction that ultimately led to the tractor-trailer driver’s death, the death of another semi truck driver and injuries to two passengers in vehicles traveling northbound.   In…

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How Can Truck Companies Make Their Vehicles Safer?

We have all noticed automakers rapidly adding new safety features to their vehicles over the last several years, from automatic emergency braking systems and collision warning systems to stability control and lane departure warning systems. Unfortunately, the commercial trucking industry has been slower in adding these safety features to their…

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Share the Road with Semi Trucks Safely with These Tips

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger cars, and have limitations that make driving near them more dangerous. Drivers should exercise caution to limit the possibility of a truck accident by practicing safe driving skills when sharing the road with semi trucks. If you were injured in a…

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Truck Accident Liability: What You Need to Know

Commercial trucks are much larger than traditional passenger vehicles, which is why commercial trucking accidents often cause people in passenger vehicles to suffer severe, potentially life-threatening injuries. Many of these crashes are caused by the driver’s negligence, which is why injured victims often think about suing the truck driver. However,…

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10 Steps You Should Take After a Truck Accident

Commercial truck accidents involving passenger vehicles often cause severe injuries simply because trucks are so much larger than these vehicles. When these crashes happen, victims are often unsure about what to do next. They may wonder if they should they go to the hospital, call the police or grab their…

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Common Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

A commercial truck accident is often much more devastating than a traffic collision with a passenger vehicle. The massive size and force behind a truck accident often causes victims who survive this type of accident to suffer from a wide variety of injuries. The dedicated Milwaukee truck accident attorneys at…

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Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a truck accident involving a commercial truck, you may suffer from more severe injuries and property damage than in an average car accident due to the truck’s size and weight. When selecting legal representation after a truck accident, it is important to choose an…

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Truck Driver Reports Safety Violations

FOX 11 Investigates recently aired a TV segment about a whistleblower complaint filed by commercial truck driver Gary Bakley. Bakley claimed that his employer had pressured him to falsify his driver logs, reporter Mark Leland noted in the broadcast. The Department of Transportation requires commercial drivers to use these logs…

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