$210K Settlement for T-Boned Passenger

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on January 24, 2011 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 24, 2024

MILWAUKEE, WI Attorney Richard Kalkhoff, of Pitman, Kalkhoff & Sicula S.C., won a $210,000 settlement on behalf of Milwaukee woman involved in an auto accident that occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The plaintiff, a 77-year-old female, was in the passenger seat of a friends car, with her seat belt fastened, when the defendant ran a red light at the intersection of 6th Street and Wisconsin Avenue t-boning the Plaintiffs car.

The Plaintiff was taken to Aurora Sinai Medical Center where she was treated for a right tibial plateau fracture and injuries to her right hand. The settlement was paid by State Farm Insurance.

Recovering from a side impact collision can be a long and difficult process for some accident victims. Knowing that your best interests are being protected can be an inportant part of the recovery process and at the law offices of PKSD, our car accident attorneys can help to ensure that you are protected from the insurance companies and other organizations that may contact you following your accident.

Did you know that the goal of an insurance company is to have you settle your claim for the smallest possible financial amount? Many accident victims are not aware of this, and when coupled with injuries from the accident, some victims often settle a case without consulting an injury lawyer – which can potentially lose them a significant amount of financial compensation.

For help with your claim and your free consultation, call us today. If we agree to take on your case, we also do not charge any upfront fees.

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