Daughters of Elderly Woman Charged with Neglect

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on May 7, 2009 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights
Updated on April 24, 2024

The daughters of a Geneva woman are being charged with criminal abuse or neglect of an elderly person after their mother passed away in April of 2007.

Witnesses say Marry Barry, 84, was found in her bed covered in bed sores, urine, feces and ants.

Prosecutors believe malnourishment, dehydration and bed sores were contributing factors. The defense argued that cancer killed Mary Barry and that the bed sores were hastened by her declining health. The defense also pointed out that Mary was a smoker and had suffered a stroke.

Barry had been taken care of by her two live-in daughters, Jill Barry, 55, and Julie Barry, 48, who upon speaking with a senior-services investigator were surprised by their mothers condition.

According to the medical examiner, Mary Barry had nine bed sores on her back, a curved spine, cancer and she weighed 78 pounds. The medical examiner went on to say that the 4-inch bed sore in her back was so severe that it provided a direct way for infections to move into her bone marrow.

A witness at Delnor Hospital in Geneva, testified that Mary Barry was brought in to the hospital with her clothes soaked in urine, fecal matter on her legs, ants on her clothing and that she was so thin medical personnel had trouble finding a fatty area to attach the EKG sensors.

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