Federal Look-Back Triggers Increased Fines Against Davenport Nursing Home

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on June 30, 2023 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights
Updated on April 24, 2024

hands of two professionals discussing documentsThe Ivy at Davenport is a nursing home in Scott County with a long history of troubles. Last May, the DIA investigated the facility for 17 backlogged complaints, many of which dated back to July 2022.

Following their investigation, state inspectors substantiated 12 of the 17 complaints. They also determined the assessed violations placed residents in immediate jeopardy.

Interestingly, the DIA’s original report, (added to its website once the inspection concluded), cited a total of 31 state and federal violations. Citations against the facility were for “horrible” staffing levels, medication errors, illicit drug use, rodents and other serious violations. Just weeks later, however, the DIA removed the initial report from its website and replaced it with a revised report.

The revised DIA report, according to a news article, is 48 pages longer, and details a total of 35 state and federal violations against The Ivy.

When questioned about why the DIA decided to amend its original inspection report, agency spokesperson Stefanie Bond declined to comment. After digging a little further, however, the Iowa Dispatch reported that CMS officials reviewed the state’s original report before requesting the DIA do a deeper dive. Apparently, CMS officials may often request this type of “federal look-back” if they find errors in the state’s report or violations that were missed or not disclosed.

The additional violations included:

  • Failure to prepare, serve and store food appropriately
  • Failure to lock medication cabinets
  • Failure to assess residents after significant weight loss
  • Failure to investigate reports of physical abuse
  • And more

The original fines the state assessed against The Ivy totaled $12,750. After investigating further, however, the state increased its fines against The Ivy to $37,250.

That said, all fines have since been suspended. Federal officials often take this step when they are considering imposing additional federal fines against the facility.

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