Two Tragic Deaths at Iowa Care Facilities – Taking a Closer Look

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on November 20, 2023 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights
Updated on December 8, 2023

close-up of a thermometer in the snowThe Polk County Attorney’s Office continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of 77-year-old Lynne Stewart. This resident froze to death outside a Bondurant care facility in January 2022. Catherine Forkpa, a nursing assistant involved in the case, was initially facing murder charges. However, that sentence was recently sentenced to probation after her murder charge was reduced. This change, however, does not mean the investigation is over.

One of the issues in this investigation is that Iowa law does not have a negligent homicide law. The absence of this law makes it more difficult to hold parties accountable. The severity of this incident is particularly alarming as it is one of two similar deaths that occurred in Iowa care facilities. These deaths occurred within two months of each other and both victims also resided at care facilities managed by Jaybird Senior Living. The company, led by CEO Kevin Russell, oversees numerous senior living communities across several states.

In the Courtyard Estates case, Forkpa was initially facing an escalated charge of second-degree murder. A recent news article reports that this charge was later reduced to charges of misdemeanor-dependent adult abuse. Depositions taken revealed staff and facility failures to respond to the series of door alarms triggered when the victim exited the building. As disturbing as this fact is, it raises questions about the deeper systemic issues in senior care. Stewart’s death in January 2022, along with the earlier death of another resident, Elaine Creasey at Keelson Harbour Senior Living, spotlights significant concerns about the safety and management of such facilities.

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