Iowa Care Facility Cited Third Time for Failing to Protect Residents

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on September 20, 2023 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights
Updated on May 7, 2024

photo illustration of male nursing home resident lying in bedCorrectionville Specialty Care has been cited for failing to protect residents in its care. This is the third such citation for this western Iowa nursing home. Correctionville has a prior history of serious violations.

Violations Discovered During a Recent Inspection

State inspectors reported that a wheelchair-bound resident managed to exit Correctionville Specialty Care unnoticed and ended up unattended by a parking lot entrance that was just 20 feet from a major highway.

While inspectors were onsite to investigate that incident, they witnessed a female Alzheimer’s patient, also a resident, exit the facility. According to inspectors, no alarm went off. Later, another inspector saw another resident exit the facility. Again, there was no alarm.

In yet another incident where a male resident at the facility went through an exit door, an alarm did go off. However, it stopped after only a few beeps. Despite the alarm sounding in that instance, no staff investigated to see what set it off.

The Facility Was Cited for Additional Care Failures

In addition to regulatory violations, Iowa Capital Dispatch reports that Correctionville was also cited for failing to provide proper care for residents suffering from incontinence. One individual employed by the facility told inspectors that she came in for work on many occasions and found residents “soaked with urine.”

An inspector reported finding one of the facility’s male residents with “a very red and sore groin.” The inspector’s report states that the resident appeared to have “dried feces all over his groin.”

Yet another employee informed state officials prior to their onsite visit that “almost all the residents” in her hallways “were completely soaked to the bed.” Although this worker allegedly reported her findings to the director of nursing, her concerns were dismissed.

A third worker at the facility also told inspectors that she found six residents “completely soaked through to the mattress.” In a prior incident, this same worker said eight beds in total had to be stripped. She also said that two aides at Correctionville quit that same day.

A fourth employee at the facility also reported “very bad” conditions upon her arrival the morning of the state inspection. According to this employee, there were only two aides to handle the entire floor, and the director of nursing had not reported for work. The worker reported that some of the residents’ beds were “soaked through” that morning. Another resident reportedly had feces all over her bed, her hands and the floor.

Despite being cited, the facility was not fined for this failure.

Correctionville Specialty Care Has a History of Violations

Correctionville Specialty Care has a history of violations and fines that go back more than a year, to July 2022. At that time, the state fined the facility $8,500 for failing to properly protect residents. The facility was cited for a total of 15 federal regulatory violations, which is an extremely high number. They were also cited for three state violations.

Currently, the facility has a one-star rating, both for overall quality of care and for state inspection results. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), they have fined Correctionville three times in as many years. The most recent fine was imposed last November in the amount of $9,750.

Care Initiatives owns and operates Correctionville. They are a nonprofit organization, based in West Des Moines. Tax records for the 2020 fiscal year show Care Initiatives end of year net income was $5.8 million. This is after paying out $207 million in expenses.

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