Factors in Car Accidents That Get Less Attention Than Speeding or Drunk or Distracted Driving

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on February 28, 2019 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 25, 2024

sign for deer crossingThere is a lot of media attention on things like drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding because these factors cause a lot of accidents. However, there are other factors that can be involved in car accidents that get a lot less attention. Below, you can learn more about these factors and how they contribute to accidents that can result in injury or death.

The auto accident lawyers in Milwaukee at PKSD represent victims of car crashes caused by various factors. We understand what car crash victims go through and the damages they suffer. We are committed to helping you throughout the legal process, which can be confusing, time-consuming and just very difficult to handle on your own.

Defects in the Roadway or Poor Road Design

Large potholes, uneven lanes, poor design and ongoing construction are all factors that can contribute to drivers losing control of their vehicles and crashing into other cars or fixed objects. Unfortunately, there are times where it is impossible to maneuver around potholes or other flaws in the roadway. Even if you can maneuver away, make sure to check the lanes around you for cars. You do not want to crash into another car and cause an accident.

If you are approaching a construction zone, make sure to slow down and obey any signs or instructions by construction workers. You also need to be aware of the cars around you, because other drivers probably will not act as cautiously as you will.

Sometimes roads and intersections are poorly designed or have obstructions in them. For example, you might come to a stop sign and struggle to see if there is any oncoming traffic because of trees or obstructions on the sidewalk. There are also times when a road curves a certain way and drivers are turning in front of it but unable to see if traffic is approaching.

Animal Crossings

Drivers in some parts of the country may not have to deal with large animals crossing the roadway. However, in Wisconsin, you could easily have deer crossing the roadway. Whenever you see an animal crossing sign, be extra vigilant and keep your eyes glued to the road.

You may want to slow down as well to give yourself more time to stop if an animal comes out onto the roadway. This is particularly important in rural areas or near woods, even without an animal crossing sign. If it is really dark, turn on your high beams so you can see farther ahead of your vehicle.

Vehicle Malfunction

There are a variety of malfunctions that can occur in your car while you are out on the road. One of the most dangerous malfunctions occurs when your brakes fail or do not work the way they are supposed to. For example, your antilock brake system could malfunction, brake lines could have leaks that impact the performance of your brakes, or brake pads could get worn down, causing your vehicle to travel a greater distance before it stops.

Drivers could also have problems with their windshield wipers if they are old. Worn out wiper blades do not clear debris from your windshield as well as newer ones, impairing your vision, particularly in bad weather, when seeing something in a split second could be the warning you need to slow down or maneuver away from a hazard.

One of the most common vehicle malfunctions is a flat tire or a tire blowout. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on your tires and properly maintain them. Keep them properly inflated, replace them when the treads are too worn down, and get off the road if you think you may have a flat tire. Another factor in tires wearing down is your alignment, so make sure to get an alignment when you need it.

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