Nurse Assistant Fired for Helping Resident Call 9-1-1 After Fall

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on January 29, 2024 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

male judge in courtroom striking gavelFamilies may often have to make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, but some elderly individuals make that decision for themselves. Whatever the reason for moving to a long-term care facility, residents have a legal right to expect several things, including quality of care, being treated with dignity and the protection of their rights. Therefore, it is disturbing to read about facilities where residents receive substandard care and facility management shows no regard for residents’ rights.

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Why One Nurse Assistant Was Fired for Helping a Resident Call 9-1-1

A news article recently reported that Kandus Jellison, a former certified nursing assistant, is suing Care Initiatives, one of the leading nursing home chains in Iowa, for wrongful termination. Jellison claims she was fired from Oakwood Specialty Care in Albia for helping a resident call 911 against her supervisors’ instructions.

The incident happened in June 2022 when Jellison responded to an emergency involving a resident who had fallen and wanted to go to the hospital for treatment. The nursing director, Olivia Oshel, decided against it, preferring to treat the resident in-house. Despite this order, Jellison assisted the resident in seeking ambulance assistance, facing resistance from Oshel and the nursing home administrator, Nicole Behrens.

Jellison was later escorted out and informed of her termination for disobeying orders. Her lawsuit alleges wrongful termination, emotional distress and violation of laws protecting dependent adults. She argues the facility denied the resident’s rights to health care decisions and communication.

The state substantiated Jellison’s complaint, and Oakwood was cited for inadequate nursing supervision and other violations. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services imposed additional fines and gave the facility a one-star rating, the lowest possible rating a facility can have.

This case underscores the serious challenges families and residents face in nursing home care concerning the rights of patients and the care they receive. Care Initiatives and the co-defendants have yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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