Critical Failures at Two Nursing Homes Result in Resident Deaths

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on May 3, 2024 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights

The Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals and Licensing recently cited two nursing homes for safety failures. These failures impacted safety at the facility and ultimately contributed to the deaths of residents in their care.

The Perry Lutheran Home in Dallas County and the Stacyville Community Nursing Home in Mitchell County are under scrutiny following incidents where lack of proper care led to fatal falls.

Perry Lutheran Home

At Perry Lutheran Home, a female resident known to be at high risk of falling experienced nine falls within just eight weeks. After her ninth fall, the facility failed to perform the necessary checks to detect any brain injuries. Unfortunately, although she was hospitalized, the woman passed away. She suffered from brain damage caused by a subdural hematoma—a type of bleeding in the brain that is often associated with elderly falls. This same facility also failed to properly investigate and prevent another resident’s fall that resulted in a broken leg.

Stacyville Community Nursing Home

Stacyville Community Nursing Home was also investigated after a female resident fell and hit her head. The fall caused her to suffer a severe brain bleed. She was found on the floor near her bathroom and quickly became comatose. The woman died just two days later. The state fined this facility $5,000 for not maintaining a safe environment.

Fines and Penalties Assessed

According to a news report, Perry Lutheran Home faced multiple penalties for not reporting significant injuries and for providing inadequate nursing care. The facility was also cited for failing to act or report a sexual abuse incident involving a male resident and a female resident who is capable of providing consent. This pattern of neglect and poor management led to a proposed, but currently suspended, state fine of $27,750.

The current ratings from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reflect these concerns. Perry Lutheran Home received the lowest possible score for staffing levels and an overall poor performance rating. Stacyville Community Nursing Home has a better overall rating, but it still falls short in staffing levels.

These incidents highlight significant safety and management failures in facilities responsible for caring for some of our most vulnerable citizens. Families with loved ones in nursing homes should be aware of these issues and consider them carefully when choosing a facility.

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