Tips on Sharing the Road with Milwaukee's New Streetcar

How to Safely Share the Road with Milwaukee’s New Streetcar, The Hop MKE, Starting on November 2

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on October 24, 2018 in Car Accidents
Updated on February 24, 2022

streetcar during wintertimeOn November 2, Milwaukee’s streetcar, The Hop MKE, will begin operating in the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods. This could help improve mobility and connections in the area and help support economic development for nearby businesses.

However, the streetcars will be sharing the road with other cars, creating the potential for accidents. This is why drivers should prepare themselves by reviewing some practical tips on how to safely share the road to reduce the risk of a crash.

Strategies for Safe Driving

The Hop MKE website offers several tips for drivers to prevent accidents when they are moving and parking their cars along the streetcar route:

  • If you are making a left turn, watch for streetcars and vehicles that could be approaching from the opposite way
  • Do not park along the streetcar tracks, even for a short time
  • Obey the “No Turn on Red” signs because they are meant to allow streetcar operators to turn safely
  • If you park along the route, make sure to maneuver your entire vehicle inside the striping to your left, this includes side mirrors
  • When you open a door while parked along the route, wait and check behind you for bicyclists or approaching streetcars before opening the door, you could be putting your safety in danger and cause your vehicle to get damaged

Motorcyclists are warned to avoid riding on the streetcar rails because they can be slick, particularly if it rained or snowed recently. Riders should stay to the sides or in between the rails. Also, when motorcyclists need to change lanes or turn and cross a rail, they should cross the rail at a large angle (at least 45 degrees and closer to 90 degrees if possible).

The Hop MKE has also released a YouTube video with illustrations of how to implement these tips when you are on the road with a streetcar.

Other practical tips for motorists when they are sharing the road with streetcars include:

  • Not turning in front of an approaching trolley
  • Watching for objects that could create blind spots for trolley operators, such as trees or buildings
  • Keeping your distance and avoiding sudden stops if you are in front of a streetcar
  • Slowing down when you approach a streetcar or are traveling behind it because there is usually a lot of pedestrian traffic around these vehicles

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