Serious Accident in Lafayette County

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on October 1, 2009 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 24, 2024

A Darlington woman was seriously injured Tuesday afternoon when the vehicle she was driving was struck by an Illinois woman who failed to stop at a stop sign.

The car crash happened at the intersection of County O and County W, about a mile north of the Wisconsin-Illinois state line in Lafayette County.

Tina Hermanson, 40, was taken to a local hospital before being transferred by helicopter to a Madison hospital.

According to the Lafayette County Sheriffs Department, Hermanson was driving on County O when Margie Capp, 46, Apple River, Ill., failed to stop at a stop sign as she drove on County W.

Capp struck the drivers side of the Hermanson vehicle, causing it to overturn and slide into a ditch, where the vehicle struck several road signs.

Capp and passenger Deanna Capp, 14, Apple River, Ill., were not injured.

Capp was ticketed for failure to obey a stop sign.

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