NHTSA Orders Takata to Recall 2.7 Million Additional Airbags

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on July 27, 2017 in Product Recalls
Updated on February 24, 2022

deployed airbagThe Takata airbag recall has expanded to include 2.7 million more vehicles from Ford, Nissan and Mazda, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The increase in the number of recalled vehicles comes after Honda confirmed a 12th U.S. fatality caused by an exploding Takata airbag in June 2016.

Takata’s defective airbags have killed at least 18 people worldwide and are responsible for approximately 180 known injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured by a malfunctioning Takata airbag, you may be entitled to compensation through a Takata defective airbag lawsuit.

Recent Vehicles Included in the Takata Airbag Recall

The NHTSA has updated the Takata airbag recall to include approximately 6,000 Mazda, 515,000 Nissan and 2.2 million Ford vehicles. So far, the models named in the expanded recall include:

  • 2007-2009 Mazda B-Series
  • 2007-2012 Nissan Versa

Ford has not yet clarified which of its vehicle models are affected by the expansion. However, if you wish to know if your vehicle is one of those included in the recall, the NHTSA has an updated list of vehicles recalled for Takata airbags.

Recalled Ammonium Nitrate Inflators

The Takata airbag recall began after it was discovered that the device’s ammonium nitrate propellant could decay over time. This caused the airbag’s inflator to explode when placed under too much pressure, causing it to discharge shrapnel throughout the vehicle’s interior.

At the time, it was believed that airbag inflators using calcium sulfate as a drying agent would prevent the ammonium nitrate from decaying. Takata claimed that only airbags that did not contain a drying agent, called a desiccant, were unsafe and at risk of exploding.

However, safety tests conducted by Takata later showed that airbags with this type of desiccant were also unsafe and could pose a danger to motorists if not replaced.

The expanded recall only involves desiccants that use calcium sulfate. Takata has until 2019 to show that inflators with a drying agent are safe, or all of devices with desiccants will be recalled.

Defective Takata Airbag Causes 12th U.S. Death

The latest death caused by a malfunctioning Takata airbag in the U.S. occurred on June 18, 2016 in Hialeah, FL.

According to an official statement released by Honda, the victim was using a hammer to make unknown repairs to a 2001 Honda Accord.

The vehicle, which was not owned by the victim, was parked at a residence. However, Honda claims the ignition switch was turned to the “on” position, and at some point during the repairs, activated the airbag inflator.

This caused the airbag inflator to rupture as it exploded, which severely injured the victim who died the next day.

Honda stated that the vehicle had been included in Takata recalls since 2009 and that 12 notices were mailed to its various owners during the seven-year period. These repairs were never completed, according to Honda.

Takata Airbag Recall is Largest in U.S. Automotive History

The NHTSA’s expansion to the Takata airbag recall further increases the largest automotive recall in U.S. history, which has affected approximately 42 million vehicles from 19 automakers.

Despite the immense scope of the recall, and increasing pressure from U.S. and Chinese regulators, less than one-third of the nearly 70 million defective airbags have been repaired in the U.S.

Takata initially claimed the delays were caused by a lack of spare parts needed to repair more than 100 million airbags worldwide.

Furthermore, many of the affected vehicles are older models and may have been sold since the recall was issued, making it difficult to track down and inform the current owner.

However, officials believe the sale of Takata after the company recently filed for bankruptcy will accelerate the removal of defective airbag inflators.

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