Two Iowa Nursing Home Residents Died After Staff Failed to Attempt CPR

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on April 3, 2024 in Nursing Homes and Elder Rights
Updated on April 24, 2024

picture of empty bed in nursing home after death of a residentOn January 18, an aide working at Aspire of Donnellson found a male resident at 5:15 a.m. with no vital signs. Although he appeared lifeless, the aide reported the man still felt warm when he was first discovered.

The aide sought help to determine whether someone should attempt CPR. However, confusion seems to have followed and no resuscitation effort happened.

According to the aide, no one provided clear instruction on whether anyone should attempt to resuscitate the man. A later assessment, however, confirmed the resident was in “full code” at the time he was discovered and should have received CPR. The man did not survive.

The other incident involving a resident’s death at Aspire of Donnellson occurred just eleven days later. The woman, also a resident at the facility, was unresponsive and in “full code” status when she was discovered. Despite her condition, staff did not attempt CPR and the woman died.

When state inspectors investigated this case, staff on the scene at the time said they were unsure about the resident’s code status. Another employee admitted to having insufficient training to be able to recognize and act on the patient’s behalf in those situations.

Silvercrest Garner Farms Assisted Living Facility

According to a news article in the Des Moines Register, staff at the Silvercrest assisted living facility found a female resident lying on the floor of their facility early in the morning of March 2. At the time of discovery, her oxygen-saturation level was between 90 to 100 percent. Typically, anything below 92 percent is considered high risk. Although staff reported the woman’s condition, they never heard back from the on-call nurse.

Later that afternoon staff again found this same resident on the floor, but with a much lower oxygen-saturation level – it measured in the 80s, a level which requires immediate intervention. The staff who discovered the resident rang the on-call nurse again, but they did not hear back.

The next night, the resident’s daughter visited and found her mother on the floor. Her oxygen-saturation level was again in the 80s. The daughter immediately asked for 911 to be called and have her mother taken to the hospital.

Both Facilities Fined

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals proposed an $8,700 fine against Aspire of Donnellson for failing to perform CPR on the two residents in their care.

Silvercrest Farms was assessed a $3,500 fine for delaying providing emergency medical services to a resident who was obviously in respiratory distress.

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