Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Preventing Car Accidents

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on January 28, 2016 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 25, 2024

Year-round vehicle maintenance is one way to prevent car accidents in Wisconsin. Hot summers and cold winters can damage vehicles; below are four vehicle maintenance tips that can help you stay safer on the local roads and highways.

  1. Look at the tire tread – Tire tread refers to the rubber grooves that extend all the way around the tire and come into contact with the road. The grooves help tires grip highways whether it is sunny and dry, raining or snowing. When tire tread wears down, your tires may be referred to as bald. Bald tires are dangerous because they increase the risk of hydroplaning or skating across wet roads. Drivers can lose control of their vehicles and cause serious accident injuries.
  2. Learn the age of your tires Knowing your tires age is important. Most tires safely last between six to ten years or 60,000 miles. Your tires may be getting older if you can see cracks on the tread, experience frequent air loss or if the tire color has faded. You can typically find the age of your tire on the tire itself. The number includes the weeks your tire was created and the final two numbers reference the year it was manufactured.
  3. Check your tire pressure Tire pressure refers to a number that indicates how much air is in your tires. The recommended amount of air pressure for your tire is located on the tire. Low tire pressure can make you more susceptible to tire blowouts, diminished fuel economy and sluggish acceleration.
  4. Keep your coolant levels level Coolant helps your engine to remain cool. Check the levels of your coolant on a quarterly basis to reduce your cars chance of overheating or causing a fire. Also check your battery, power steering, oil and windshield wiper fluids. Never drive if your radiator overheats. Pull off the road and wait until your car cools. Do not remove the radiator cap if the car is warm.

These four tips can help you remain safe while on the road. Car maintenance is an important way to prevent accidents. Therefore, if you are not familiar with checking your cars systems, take your vehicle to an auto shop to have it looked over.

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