Wisconsin Drivers Crossing Center Line in Crashes

Drivers Crossing Center Line in Wisconsin Crashes

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on May 5, 2015 in Car Accidents
Updated on February 24, 2022

head-on car crashIn recent months, Wisconsin has been the site of similar auto accidents.

Between March and April, three different drivers crossed highway center lines and were killed in severe collisions.

On March 25, one of these drivers an 18-year-old woman drove across the center line on Highway A in Wood, Wis., and crashed head-on into another vehicle, according to an article from marshfieldnewsherald.com.

The news website cited a police department report as saying that the accident was cell phone-related.

On April 14, a 50-year-old man drove across the center line on Highway 18 in Wyalusing, Wis. and his vehicle hit a truck that was traveling in the opposite direction, Channel3000.com reported.

The news site added that he died as a result of the collision.

A similar incident happened on April 28. That day, a 20-year-old woman drove across the center line on Highway 48 in Barron County, Wis., and was killed when her car struck a 2011 Mack truck traveling in the opposite direction, TwinCities.com reported.

In another article, Kare11.com said the accident was a head-on collision.

In a study, the Minnesota Department of Transportation referred to this type of accident as a cross-median crash.

Since 2009, there have been nearly 4000 crashes in Vermont related to vehicles crossing the highway centerline, the Vermont state government says online, adding that the state is considering installing centerline rumble stripes on every highway there.

Wisconsin has been installing these grooved pavement markers for over 20 years, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT).

There is a good reason.

More than one-third of Wisconsin fatalities have been due to roadway departure crashes, with 90 percent occurring in rural areas, WisDOT says online.

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