March Car Accident Death Toll for Wisconsin Highest Since 2007

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on April 3, 2015 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 25, 2024

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Last month, 36 fatal auto accidents happened on Milwaukee roads. The state highway patrol says this is the highest March total in six years.

As a comparison, in March 2007, 58 people were killed in crashes. According to a press release from Wisconsin State Highway Patrol, 98 fatalities have already occurred in 2015 on the states roads and highways. The victims included eight pedestrians, two bicyclists and one motorcyclist.

So far, the total number of fatalities since the beginning of 2015 is five more than the state’s five-year average. Officials say that the start of construction season may be one reason for the uptick around this time of year.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation is urging drivers to be cautious and use their best judgment when traveling through work zones.

While driving, if you approach a work zone, remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Watch for workers near the shoulder of the road
  • Workers are often struck by passing vehicles or flying debris remember to give them extra room
  • Fines may be doubled if workers are present
  • Speed limits do not apply in work zones; drive slower than normal
  • Pay close attention to changes in traffic patterns
  • Do not tailgate a driver in front of you

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says that rear-end collisions are very common in work zones. These unnecessary accidents endanger drivers, passengers and road workers who may be struck during an accident or harmed by debris from the crash.

Contact an Attorney if You’re Hurt

After a crash, the first thing you should do is secure your safety and the safety of your passengers. Next, contact an injury attorney if you’ve been harmed.

Even if you do not think youve been hurt, injuries like whiplash take days to appear, but by that time important evidence is likely gone from the scene of your accident.

In work zones, drive slowly but think fast. Contact Pitman, Kalkhoff, Sicula & Dentice for a free review of your car accident claim.

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