Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities Reduced in 2014, Data Shows

Posted on behalf of Jeff Pitman on January 7, 2015 in Car Accidents
Updated on April 25, 2024

car hits a guardrail in fatal accidentThe numbers are in for the state of Wisconsin, and it appears that the number of traffic accident fatalities in 2014 were less than those in previous years.

Unfortunately for residents of Dodge County, however, the number of accidents resulting in death here took a sharp upturn. According to statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there were 491 traffic fatality deaths last year, 15 of which occurred in Dodge County.

This may not seem like an astounding amount, but compare this number to Dodges 2013 total of nine fatalities and the increase becomes more apparent. By contrast, Milwaukee and Dane counties led with 64 and 29 fatalities, respectively. Waukesha County came in a close third with 23 fatalities.

What Contributes to Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities?

Law enforcement routinely cites failure to wear a seatbelt as one of the biggest contributing factors in all traffic-related deaths.

Former Dodge County Sheriff Pat Ninmann explained that driver error causes the most crashes. Its a lack of driver responsibility, Ninmann says.

The majority of these deaths may have been avoided had drivers taken a more active role in their safety. When operating a vehicle, its important to make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened, and ask that all of your passengers do the same.

Weather also has an impact on the frequency of crashes, Ninmann says. When the roads are slick or icy it is easier to lose control of a vehicle, especially if the driver is traveling at a speed that is too fast for conditions.

Motorists should always heed posted speed limits, but using simple logic and driving at more conservative speeds are helpful in rain, snow or other inclement weather.

Lowest Number of Fatalities Since 1943

Statewide, the reduction from 2013 to last year puts 2014 on record as having the lowest number of traffic-related deaths since 1943, when that number was 417.

State Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottleib says that, because most fatalities are the result of poor driving habits, Wisconsins residents can thank themselves for reducing the number of deadly accidents on our roads and highways. He notes that safety belt usage climbed to an all-time high in Wisconsin last year, with nearly 85 percent of drivers and passengers buckling up.

Still, Wisconsins seatbelt usage is still lacking in comparison to the national average of 87 percent, and the regional average of 90 percent.

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While the reduction in traffic accident fatalities is excellent news for the entire state of Wisconsin, it is no consolation for those who have lost a loved one in such a crash. In many cases, the negligent behavior of another driver contributes to a serious or deadly accident, and if your loved one was killed you deserve justice.

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