Common Types of Wrist Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

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Updated on April 25, 2024

doctor treating wrist fractureThe wrist is a fragile part of your body that can sustain serious damage during a car accident. A wrist injury can cause long-term effects that may impact your health, ability to work and interfere with your daily routine.

PKSD’s team of experienced Milwaukee car accident attorneys understands the impact a wrist injury can have on your life. We have assisted numerous car accident victims and will find out if you are entitled compensation for your pain and suffering and financial losses.

Types of Wrist Injuries

The severity and type of wrist injury that results from a car accident can vary depending on the conditions of your injury. Common types of wrist injuries include:


Dislocation is the separation of two bones that are linked to each other. Your wrist can be dislocated when it is forced out of its normal position.

Wrist dislocation is a common type of car accident injury, and often occurs when you attempt to brace yourself by grabbing onto the vehicle’s steering wheel or dashboard to reduce the impact of the collision.

When your wrist is dislocated, its bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves can be damaged. If you do not seek medical treatment for this injury immediately, you could potentially face long-term or permanent damage.

Tendon Damage

Tendons are the connective tissue that link your bones to your muscles. Your wrist’s tendons can be damaged when subjected to blunt trauma, like a car accident. This can cause serious damage and painful medical conditions, such as tendonitis.


The wrist is made up of eight small bones that are connected to the two long forearms called the radius and ulna. When one of these bones breaks, it is called a wrist fracture.

The bones that form the wrist are fragile and can be easily fracture when subjected to the strong blunt trauma that occurs during a car accident. The most common wrist bone to be fractured is the radius.

Common car-accident related wrist injuries include:

  • Scaphoid fracture
  • Knuckle fracture
  • Broken wrist
  • Fractured fingers
  • Crushed bones within the hand and wrist

When a wrist is fractured, the affected area will experience a painful swelling and may be difficult to move. Wrist fractures are often treated by setting the bone in a cast, but the bone may reposition itself as it heals.


A wrist sprain occurs when you damage the area’s ligaments, which are connective tissues that hold the bone together. Wrist sprains are common in car accidents because a victim’s wrist is usually bent backwards when his or her hand hits an object in the vehicle.

When you suffer a wrist sprain, the wrist will begin swelling and it may be painful to move. This can result in permanent damage if left untreated, and your wrist and hands may become chronically unstable.

Medical professionals categorize the severity of a wrist sprain by the amount of damage done to the ligaments:

  • Grade One Sprain: A mild sprain that occurs when the ligaments are stretched out, but not torn.
  • Grade Two Sprain: A moderate sprain where the ligaments are partially torn and may involve some loss of function.
  • Grade Three Sprain: A severe sprain where the ligament is completely torn and requires medical or surgical care. When this degree of sprain occurs, the ligaments are torn away and may carry pieces of bone with them. This is referred to as an avulsion fracture.

What Should I Do If Injure My Wrist After a Car Accident?

With all the injuries listed above, one of the safest things to do is to immediately seek medical attention. If you experience any of the following symptoms, get medical attention for your potential wrist injury:

  • Numbness or pain in the fingers, hands or wrists
  • Difficulty grasping and holding objects
  • Inflammation or pain

A medical professional can inspect your wrist and order any necessary MRIs or X-rays to determine your injury’s severity.

If your doctor gives you recommended steps to follow post-injury, it is critical that you follow his or her requests so that your wrist can heal correctly. Your wrist plays an important role in your daily life and you should do everything possible to allow it to recover in full.

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Although wrist injuries might seem like a minor medical condition, most people may be surprised to learn just how much a wrist injury can impact their life.

Car accident injury victims may be entitled to compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, or other financial losses associated with the collision.

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