Choosing a Nursing Home: What To Look For

Choosing A Nursing Home

Choosing a nursing home in wisconsin

It is important to choose a nursing home carefully to ensure your loved one is treated with dignity and receives quality care. Asking questions and looking for signs are important steps in nursing home neglect and abuse prevention. You should consider multiple visits to the nursing home at different times.

During your visit to the nursing home use our Nursing Home Checklist to help evaluate the facility.

Some Factors That Should Be Considered

  • Does the facility have a history of meeting federal and state regulations?
  • Does the facility have a history of federal and state violations?
  • Is the nursing home and the current administrator licensed?
  • Does the home conduct background checks on all staff?
  • Does the home have special services units?
  • Does the facility have nursing home neglect/abuse prevention training?

As with any important decision, by doing your homework you can help put your mind at ease with your final decision.

Other Useful Tips

  • The nursing home and its administrator should be licensed by the State to operate.
  • Do the nursing homes procedures to screen potential employees for a history of abuse meet your States requirements?
  • Some nursing homes have special service units like rehabilitation, Alzheimers, and hospice. Learn if there are separate waiting periods or facility guidelines for when residents would be moved on or off the special unit.
  • Do the nursing homes training programs educate employees about how to recognize resident abuse and neglect, how to deal with aggressive or difficult residents, and how to deal with the stress of caring for so many needs? Are there clear procedures to identify events or trends that might lead to abuse and neglect, and on how to investigate, report, and resolve your complaints?
  • Are there policies or procedures to safeguard resident possessions and money?

What To Look For In The Facility

  • How do other nursing home residents appear to get along with the staff?
  • Does the staff know the individual names of different nursing home residents?
  • Do the staff members appear responsive to the needs of the nursing home residents?
  • Are the nursing home residents properly dressed?
  • Are there different activities for the nursing home residents that incorporate different interests?
  • How is the quality and assortment of food?
  • Does the nursing home incorporate the community into their facility?
  • Does the staff actively participate in recognizing the nursing home residents interests?
  • Does the nursing home facility allow family participation in the residents care plan?
  • Does the nursing home facility have specific programs or units to fit the special needs that the resident may need?
  • Is the nursing home facility clean and orderly?
  • Are there any strange odors present in the nursing home?
  • Are the nursing home residents allowed to have personal items, like pictures, in their possession?

There are federal laws that require certain information to be provided to each resident. This includes a personalized health and care plan, conducting an initial assessment of each residents functional capacity and continue to reassess them, maintaining a residents basic rights, and preventing and treating bed sores.

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