How Do I File a Nursing Home Abuse Complaint?

If you have complaints about Wisconsin nursing homes, please contact the appropriate regional office of the Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care.

If you don’t know what county a Wisconsin community is located in, click “here” to see a list of Wisconsin municipalities that are maintained by the Wisconsin Demographic Services Center.

The list includes:

  • Lists of Licensed Wisconsin Nursing Homes
  • Nursing Homes alphabetical by county 209.57 Kb (then by city) (34 pages)
  • Nursing Homes alphabetical by city 214.79 Kb (34 pages)
  • Nursing Homes alphabetical by facility name 221.27 Kb (38 pages)
  • Spreadsheet version of Nursing Home Directory 186.00 Kb version of Nursing Home Directory for sorting data in different ways -A shortened version of the facility name is included to help in creating mailing labels.
  • See Wisconsin Health Care Provider Directories for lists of Swing Bed Hospitals (contain beds that can be converted to Nursing Home use)
  • Wisconsin Facilities with Dedicated Units for the Care of Ventilator-Dependent Persons
  • 2001 and 2002 Consumer Information Reports for Wisconsin Nursing Homes and Facilities for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Nursing Home State Citations (Wisconsin)
  • Information for Wisconsin nursing home management and staff (licensing, rules & regulations, publications, etc.)
  • Wisconsin Nursing Homes and Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled site for profile information on nursing homes (information as of 2002)
  • Your Rights to Direct Your Future Health Care Needs (Advance Directives) PDE-2025
  • Consumer Groups, Wisconsin Health Care Organizations (go to the main link for other organization types such as provider associations)
  • Wisconsin Board on Aging & Long Term Care (includes Ombudsman Program)
  • Nursing Home Resident Rights
  • Federal Information on Nursing Homes (Medicare)
  • U.S. Health & Human Services Nursing Home Resource Locators
  • Alzheimers Association: Choosing Health Care Providers and Facilities
  • National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR) Consumer Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home
  • Wisconsin Alzheimers Institute
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