Preventing Pressure Sores

Nursing home pressure sore prevention lawyer in WisconsinPressure sores are a type of skin wound that can cause great discomfort in those that are affected.

In fact, the resulting infection in these wounds can create life threatening illnesses and often require extensive medical attention to rectify.

Unfortunately, most pressure sores are the result of negligent care practices being provided by a nursing home or elder care facility and can be prevented.

Has your loved one suffered from pressure sores while being a resident at a nursing home?

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Because most bedsores are preventable, taking measures to prevent them is crucial.

  • Make sure your loved one is getting sufficient nutrition and water.
  • Nursing home residents should get as much exercise as possible to increase mobility. Consult your loved ones physician and request placement in a physical conditioning or rehabilitation program that might include exercises to improve strength and endurance, physical therapy, a walking program, or gait training.
  • Request grab bars and other devices so that repositioning is made easy for the resident.
  • Take care of your loved ones skin, or make sure that the nursing home is taking this care. Ask your doctor to suggest a good lotion to keep skin moist and supple.
  • If your loved one is incontinent, make sure adult diapers are changed regularly and that sheets are dry and clean.
  • Always pay attention to the ratio of staff to residents. Because under staffing is a problem linked to poor care, you should always be concerned about how many staff members are available to care for your loved one.

If someone you care about has developed a pressure sore while in a nursing home, you should:

  • Tell their doctor immediately, and discuss causes, cures, and future prevention techniques.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the way the nursing home is treating current bedsores or how they are trying to prevent future bedsores, you should get your loved one emergency medical help at a hospital immediately. Remember that decubitus ulcers are serious and can be life-threatening.
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